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Court case features

Court cases with multiple serves, viewing all jobs that are part of a case and more...

Because there are instances when you have multiple serves for one court case, we have added more logic to the way court cases are presented. You no longer need to fill in the same court case data over and over, and you can now view all serves associated with a specific case.


Overview of these new court case features:

  • A "court date" is now stored with each case and job.
  • As a process server, when you create a job you are presented with a list of your clients. Based on the client you choose, the court case selection box will present you with a list of recent cases for that client.
  • As a law firm, collection firm (i.e. not a process server) you will be presented with a list of all recent cases.
  • Court case data automatically gets filled in during job creation based on the case you select.
  • To create a new case simply leave the "Create New Case" option selected in the selection box.
  • To view a court case and its associated jobs, please go to a job then click on the name of the case.
  • You can click "Add Job to Case" from the court case page to create a job with the same case data.

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