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Best ServeNow Articles of 2019

  • January 13, 2020
  • by ServeNow Staff
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2019 Best ServeNow Articles

Before we enter into a new decade of providing educational content for both veteran and rookie process servers, we wanted to look back on the year at the articles that inspired you, our readers, the most. Whether it was discussing the different ways to improve the business side of your serves or reviewing ways to stay safe on the job, here are the ServeNow articles that stood out the most in 2019. Thank you for reading and here’s to a successful 2020!

More than Meets the Eye: Women Process Servers & Private Detectives

The process serving industry has been historically male dominant, but women are increasingly bringing their own unique skills to the industry. Hear from some of the women who discuss the risks and rewards of being a female detective and process server.

Read More than Meets the Eye: Women Process Servers & Private Detectives.

Streamlining your Business Through Modern Techniques

An important part of being a process server is running your small business as effectively as possible. Davy Keith, manager of Quantum Process, shares some methods that have helped him with his own successful process serving business.

Read Streamlining your Business Through Modern Techniques.

In Support of Body Cameras: A Process Server’s Perspective

While they’re a highly discussed and debated topic in the industry, there are many benefits to using a body camera while process serving. Using his own experience, Ken Ringo of Ringo's Detective Service shares why he chooses to fully support the use of body cameras.

Read In Support of Body Cameras: A Process Server’s Perspective.

Video Doorbells: Ringing in Problems for Process Servers

Keeping up with rapidly evolving technology is an important part of any industry and process serving is no different. As they become more commonplace, video doorbells could have a significant impact on process servers and how they do business.

Read Video Doorbells: Ringing in Problems for Process Servers.

Defending Against Dogs: A Process Server’s Guide

You may love your own furry companion, but meeting an angry dog during a serve could put you in serious danger, especially if you underestimate the animal in question. Know what to do when you encounter a ferocious K9 and how you can keep yourself safe.

Read Defending Against Dogs: A Process Server’s Guide.

Holding Fraudulent Process Servers Accountable

As many good process servers are in the industry, there will always be a minority that strain the reputation of the rest of the industry. Learn about what faulty or “sewer service” looks like and the consequences of not conducting service properly.

Read Holding Fraudulent Process Servers Accountable.

Don't Ignore Lessons from the Chris Barnett Shooting

On July 24, 2019, Christopher Barnett shot a process server in the arm. While the server walked away, the situation rocked the industry and brought up questions regarding process server safety and what servers can do to keep themselves safe in the field.

Read Don't Ignore Lessons from the Chris Barnett Shooting.

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