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  ServeReport Newsletter   --  Volume 2, Issue 1      January 19, 2006 

ServeReport Process Server Newsletter

In This Issue:

 ServeReport Exclusive: Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Effectiveness for Process Servers & PI's
Process Server Advertising
How effective is your marketing? Tracking your results can help you identify the most effective channels.
Identify your most effective marketing and advertising initiatives

What is Marketing Effectiveness?
There are a number of ways to market your legal services, investigation or process serving business. Options include print media, direct mail and of course, the Internet. As you spend more and more on marketing your business, it is of utmost importance to know which advertising initiatives are having positive results and which are not. Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is known as...
 Article: read more on ServeNow.com
  Read the article and access FREE tools to track your marketing by clicking the above link.
Join ServeNow.com
With over 100,000 unique visitors per month, ServeNow.com is the most used process server directory on the web. Over 450 process servers are listed on ServeNow.com throughout the United States and Canada. Listings are limited, and we are sold out in some areas, but many spots are still available for experienced and qualified process servers. Click the button below to find out how to join. No long-term commitments.
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 Web Marketing Tips

Get the Most Out of Your Web Presence  
You have a web site. Weeks were spent planning, writing the content and making sure everything looks the way you want. It's online and it looks great. Now what? What can you do to start driving traffic to your site and converting that traffic to paying customers?
Tip #1 - Develop good content.
Your customers and search engines will grade the value of your site by the information you offer. Content should be written with the intent of educating, informing, enlightening and most importantly, getting customers to pick up the phone to call you. Providing your visitors with useful content will display your expertise, and increase the likelihood they will choose your business over your competition.
Tip #2 - Make it easy for customers to call you.
At ServeNow.com, we talk to hundreds of process servers and PIs every week. One of the most common mistakes we see on their web sites is the location of their phone numbers. Some sites have them hidden in the body of their content or on the bottom of the page. Other sites only list phone numbers on the contact page. A search engine will index every page of your site. Therefore, you don't know which page a visitor will be seeing first. It is important to have your phone number on every page of your site - preferably near the top or very visible.
ServeNow.com Web Design Services  

If you are a process server or investigator in need of a web presence, look no further than ServeNow.com.

The ServeNow.com team combines a thorough knowledge of technology and design, with an in-depth understanding of the legal services industry.

Sites designed by ServeNow.com are:
 - Custom and Professionally Designed
 - Clean and Professional in appearance
 - Search Engine friendly
 - Developed with your Target Market in mind
 - Affordable

Free Evaluations & Consultations
Contact ServeNow.com at [email protected] or (877) 737-8366 for a free evaluation of your current site or a quote on web design services.

Process Server Web Site Designs
  web site icon www.LegalEaseofOhio.com

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 ServeReport Article Archive

ServeReport Exclusives
The following articles, written specifically for the process serving and investigation industry, appeared in previous issues of the ServeReport.

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 ServeReport Sponsors

Meet the ServeReport Newsletter Sponsors
PInow.com - Worldwide Investigators Directory AboutBail.com - Bail Bond Directory
For a limited time, PInow.com is offering investigators a FREE local listing. Visit us online for details. http://www.pinow.com Nationwide Directory of Bail Bond Agents, Criminal Attorneys, Investigators and more.
Intelius PI Provides the legal and professional investigative field with accurate and cost effective public information data. No monthly minimums, setup or service fees!
If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of the ServeReport, please contact ServeNow.com via phone at (877) 737-8366 or email at [email protected].

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 Upcoming Industry Events

Below you will find a list of upcoming industry events. For detailed information, please click on the links below.
NALI Mid-Winter Meeting 2006
Phoenix, Arizona | January 19 - 21, 2006
TPSA Training Seminar
Mesquite, Texas | January 21, 2006
NJPPSA Annual Meeting & Elections 2006
Union, New Jersey | January 27, 2006
WSPSA Executive Board Meeting
Seattle, Washington | January 28, 2006
NYSPPSA Seminar & Board Meeting
Plainview, New York | January 28, 2006
NCISS Annual Conference
Sarasota, Florida | February 1-4, 2006
USAPI and Nova University: Advances in Forensic Science
2-Day Seminar Featuring Dr. Henry Lee and Vernon Geberth
Fort Lauderdale, Florida |  February 4-5, 2006

NAPPS Board Meeting
Orlando, Florida |  February 11, 2006
FAPPS 2006 Annual Convention
Orlando, Florida | March 24, 2006
WSPSA Executive Board Meeting
Vancouver, Washington | April 29, 2006
2006 NAPPS Annual Conference
Austin, Texas   May 18-20, 2006
WSPSA Executive Board Meeting
Moses Lake, Washington | July 29, 2006
CAPPS Annual Conference 2006
Long Beach, California | October 6-8, 2006
If you have information on upcoming events or have articles you like to contribute please email us at [email protected] or call (877) 737-8366

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 Government Contracts

Government Contracts: RFP's for Investigators and Process Servers

State and government contracts can provide process servers and investigators with steady, recurring revenue. As a result of being listed on ServeNow.com and PInow.com, many of our advertisers have been awarded contracts such as these.

Quite often, government agencies advertise RFP's (Request for Proposals) for these contracts. As a service to our advertisers, newsletter subscribers and Yahoo! Group members, ServeNow.com provides the details of these contracts as they become available.

Initial notification of these RFP's first goes out to our advertisers, then are posted in the ServeNow.com Yahoo! Group.

Would you like to be notified of these RFP's as they become available? Please join the following groups:

Current Process Serving & Investigative Bid Opportunities
Service of Legal Process
Kansas City Metropolitan Area
Agency: Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Description: Service of Legal Process within Wyandotte, Johnson, Leavenworth, Douglas, Franklin, and Miami counties in Kansas; and Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri.
Bid Due Date: January 26, 2006
» Click here for Full Details (requires ServeNow.com Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)
Support Services, Fieldwork Investigation
Boyers, Pennsylvania
Agency: U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Description: The purpose of this procurement is to provide support services for fieldwork background investigations that are related to the completion of background investigations on Federal Government applicants, employees, and contractors performing sensitive work, and individuals being investigated pursuant to Federal regulatory requirements.
Bid Due Date: February 21, 2006
» Click here for Full Details (requires PInow.com Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)
Process Serving
Rock County Wisconsin
Agency: Child Support Enforcement
Description: Rock County is accepting sealed proposals from qualified individuals, firms, partnerships and corporations having specific experience in Process Serving.
Bid Due Date: January 27, 2006
» Click here for Full Details (requires ServeNow.com Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)
Background Checks
Pembroke, North Carolina
Agency: University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Description: In order to provide a safe learning and working environment for our students, staff and faculty, the Department of Human Resources will acquire criminal report for job applicants at University of North Carolina at Pembroke who have been selected as the final candidate for a fulltime, part-time, permanent position or temporary appointment.
Bid Due Date: January 26, 2006
» Click here for Full Details (requires ServeNow.com Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)
Background Checks
Agency: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Description: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (“TTUHSC”) is accepting competitive sealed proposals to contract for Background Check Services in accordance with the terms, conditions and requirements set forth per Request for Proposal, RFP No. 739-690485. This Request for Proposal (RFP) provides sufficient information for interested parties to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by TTUHSC.
Bid Due Date: January 19, 2006, 3:00 pm central time
» Click here for Full Details (requires ServeNow.com Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)
Process Serving
Agency: State of Oregon

Description: The state of Oregon is preparing to release an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for process services (aka service of process) some time after the first of the year (2006). The ITB will be different than it has in the past in that we will be allowing bidders to bid either on in-state services or out of state/international services, or both.

In order to obtain a copy of the ITB and to submit a bid for a possible contract, you must be registered on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN). Please visit http://orpin.oregon.gov to register on ORPIN. Questions should be directed to [email protected].

If you have information on open bid opportunities or you would like to receive bid opportunities in advance, please email us at [email protected] or call (877) 737-8366.

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 ServeNow.com Member Badges

ServeNow.com & PInow.com Member Badges  
The ServeNow.com Directory Member badge was created specifically for members to place on the home page, links page or affiliations page of their web site. Thousands of legal professionals use ServeNow.com and PInow.com on a daily basis to find process servers and investigators. The ServeNow.com brand is becoming synonymous with process serving and legal support services - having the ServeNow.com member badge displayed on your site or the signature file of your email can lend credibility to your business.

Please visit the links below to get the HTML code to place the following icons on your site.
ServeNow.com Member Badge PInow.com Member Badge
PInow.com Investigator Badge

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 Customer Testimonials

What are our customers saying? ServeNow.com Testimonials...
quote I have been in business for over ten years, and have never gotten this big of a return on any advertising investment. When I first heard about ServeNow.com, I have to admit I was skeptical, but in my first three months, I earned enough to pay for over two years worth of advertising. My business used to be primarily local, but now, with the help of ServeNow.com, I’ve gone national.

It seems like every day my phone rings with business from New York, California, Denver and many other clients I could never reach before. I just can’t say enough about the results I get from ServeNow.com. I always believe your business is worth investing in, and this is an investment worth every penny. Amazingly affordable, outstanding customer service, and fantastic results, what more is there to say. Thanks again ServeNow.com.
  Carl Boudreaux
Harris County Court Services
Houston, TX
“ServeNow.com has succeeded where so many others have failed. My web stats show you refer 75% more traffic than any other portal on the web.

My listing on ServeNow.com really took our company to the next level in 2005 and we can’t thank you enough for that!”

Keith Morrison
Alpha One Investigations, LLC
Oak Lawn, IL

"Through my ServeNow.com ad, I've obtained a government contract and a major insurance company contract. Almost all of my clients have found me through your site. My investment has paid off since day one. I've been contacted by other ad portals but none are more personable than you guys. I love you guys at ServeNow.com and look forward to working with you for a very long time."

Ada Patterson
Adante' Associates
Baltimore, MD
“My listing on ServeNow.com has really paid off. The second week my listing was online, I had 12 serves. Many of my serves are coming from outside my state. I have gotten calls from both coasts, as well as Canada. This is the exposure I was looking for!"

James Pitman
Mercer Island Process
Seattle, WA
“This is amazing. Just a few hours after my listing went live on ServeNow.com I got my first phone call.

I never expected results this quickly.”

Vern Wright
Arden Process Services, Inc.
Eagan, MN

“ServeNow.com has been very good to me. My advertising has more than paid for itself. I get a high volume of process serving calls, but I have also received a lot of investigative work through ServeNow.com.”

Del White

Red Rock Investigations
Meriden, KS
» Read more member testimonials  
* If you would like to provide a testimonial for the next issue of the ServeReport, please email us.
For more information on advertising with ServeNow.com please email us at [email protected], call (877) 737-8366 or visit us online.

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 Welcome ServeNow.com's Newest Members

New ServeNow.com members since November 15, 2005.
Joey Danforah, Professional Process Server Birmingham, AL
Alberta, Canada
Rapid Process Services, Inc. Calgary, AB

JT Investigation Lake

Havasu City, AZ
Mohave County Process Service Kingman, AZ
Sebia, LLC Investigations Chandler, AZ
Golden Gate Legal Services San Rafael, CA
Central Attorney Service San Diego, CA

K & J Services 

Santa Rosa, CA

Gene's Processing Services     

Lemoore, CA

Alpha Attorney Service 

San Diego, CA

Imaging National Group, Inc.     

Pasadena, CA

AmStar Express

Woodland Hills, CA

Johnsen & Johnsen

San Luis Obispo, CA

Riedel-Graham Investigations

Hayward, CA

Carson Attorney Service

Walnut Creek, CA

Sayler Legal Service, Inc.

Salinas, CA
Pete Green's Attorney Service Lancaster, CA

Aggressive Process Serving

Sacramento, CA
Magnum-Diego Priority Services Centennial, CO
Blue Sky Investigations & Process Service Louisville, CO
Magnus Process Serving Ocala, FL
Investigative Analysis Riverview, FL
Jack Smith Investigations Gainesville, FL
Nolan Process Servers Tallahassee, FL
Winter Group - Investigative & Process Services Sarasota, FL
Ali's Process Service & Legal Support Tampa, FL
All-Around Services Honolulu, HI
Hawaii State Civil Deputy Kamuela, HI
Hardball, Inc. Libertyville, IL
VTS Investigations, LLC. Chicago, IL
Fast Process Service, LLC Greenwood, IN
Page-Hawkeye Legal Service Des Moines, IA
Cynthia Renee's Professional Business Services Davenport, IA


Bombet & Associates, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA
P.I. Ducks, Inc. Bossier City, LA
BnB Process Wye Mills, MD
Norton Constable's Office Norton, MA
JoAnn Marquis & Associates

Lynn, MA

Martin, Hooker & Associates Process Servers Bridgewater, MA
Seibert & Associates, Inc. Howell, MI
Arden Process Services, Inc. Eagan, MN
Legal Process Services Rochester, MN
Private Process Service, Jonathan R. Carlin Independence, MO
Third Strike Investigations, Inc.

Lincoln, NE

New Hampshire
ASAP Security Professionals Rochester, NH
New Jersey
Taylor Support Services, Inc.

East Brunswick, NJ

Default Express Services, Inc. Marlton, NJ
W.E. Associates Process Agency Atco, NJ
Certified Process Service, LLC. West Trenton, NJ
New York
Finest Services, Inc. Valley Cottage, NY
Avenger's Field Agency Amityville, NY
Superior Process Poughkeepsie, NY
MoroneyHallmark Alden, NY
Alexander Poole & Co., Inc. Albany, NY
Simply Served Process Servers, Inc. Rochester, NY
City Marshal & Process Service Utica, NY
North Carolina

The Enforcerz Consulting Group

Hendersonville, NC
North Dakota
Hons Investigations Grand Forks, ND
Third Strike Investigations, Inc. Grand Forks, ND
Rhode Island
InfoCorp Investigative Services, LLC Lewis Center, OH
A-1 Process Service Edmond, OK
United Process Servers, Limited Partnership

Portland, OR

Dennis Richman Services for the Professional, Inc. Philadelphia, PA
Checkmate-Process-Serving Lansdale, PA
Default Express Services, Inc. Philadelphia, PA
Sentinel Investigations Harrisburg, PA
American Investigators, Inc. Broomall, PA
Empire Investigation & Security, LLC Pittsburgh, PA
Rhode Island
Lessard & Associates Cranston, RI
South Carolina
A-1 Hanline Investigations York, SC
Tennessee Investigations Murfreesboro, TN
Expedited Process Service Murfreesboro, TN
Caleb Malone, Texas Certified Process Server

Lubbock, TX

Alta Mesa Legal Service            New Braunfels, TX
Nowotny Investigations New Braunfels, TX
Texas Serve 'Em Forney, TX
Front Range Legal Process Service Salt Lake City, UT
Hester Process Service, Inc. Richmond, VA
CWPI, Inc. Puyallap, WA
KKWT Process Services Spanaway, WA
SSP-Legal Support Services Bellingham, WA
FR Investigations, LLC Auburn, WA
Professional Process Service Mosinee, WI
Everson Detective Agency Osceola, WI
Contact us to join the growing list of industry leaders who are generating new business through ServeNow.com.

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