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Forward thist to a friend Volume 3, Issue 2 | June 12, 2007

Featured Article

Data Providers Graphic

Choosing and Using Data Providers
by ServeReport Staff

Acquiring data to work a case or locate a person is critical for a process serving and investigative business. There is a lot of data that can be found in free public records databases but when it comes to getting more sensitive data you may need to turn to an established data broker. read the full article

An Easy Source of Additional Revenue for Servers
by Michael Dores, President of Merlin Information Services

Process servers are always looking for ways to increase billing. A very effective way to do this is to provide ancillary services to their existing clients. From time to time, all attorneys need skiptracing services. read the full article

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Customer Testimonial
What are and members saying? Testimonials
If you are interested in learning more about joining click here for more information or contact us at (877) 737-8366.

"I am so excited about my advertising with My phone rings constantly. I get calls from all over the nation and the majority of the calls come from lawyers and business owners.

You guys are making us rich!"

 R.C. Rivera
 Atlas Pro Serve & Associates
 Houston, TX

"I just wanted to say how happy I have been with my results from this year. I believe in your service!"

 Linda Mathews
 Iowa Process Service
 Des Moines, IA

"You guys are great and your website has been super for our business. Since joining, our calls have increased significantly and our business has nearly doubled. We have a ton of new clients that we would not have attained without"

 Leslie Phillips
 Aardvark Legal Support Service
 Jerome, ID

* * * * * * * * * * * * Testimonials
If you are interested in learning more about joining click here for more information or contact us at (888) 997-4669.

"WOW, I am impressed! My listing was added to at 10:30 a.m. and four hours later I had my first case that paid for a few years of advertising. I also just used with success to hire a local, pre-screened process server."

 Jamie Schnell
 Confidentially Yours, LLC
 Manitowoc, WI

"I want to thank you for all the hard work you are doing at It's definitely paying off for my company. The other day one of your representatives called me with a referral and I told him that I wasn't sure I could help out. You guys are keeping me very busy!"

 Bob Lyons
 Bob Lyons & Associates
 Nashville, TN

In just a few months I have already paid for 5 years of advertising with If you are serious about the success of your investigative firm, you need to be listed with

What else is there to say? The results speak for themselves.

 Mike Steven
 Intelligent Services, LLC
 New York, NY

view more Testimonials
view more Testimonials

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Government Contracts
Government Contracts: RFP's for Investigators and Process Servers

State and government contracts can provide process servers and investigators with steady, recurring revenue. Many and advertisers have been awarded contracts such as these as a result of being listed with us.

Government agencies advertise RFP's (request for proposal) for these contracts. As a free service to you, we provide the details of these contracts as they become available.

Would you like to be notified of Government Contract RFP's as they become available? If so, please join the following groups:

Current Process Serving & Investigative Bid Opportunities

Process Serving
Scottsdale, AZ
Agency: Scottsdale Police Department - Photo Enforcement Program
Description: The City of Scottsdale is soliciting proposals for Process Services in support of its Photo Enforcement Program. Process Service is required for those individuals who have not responded to mailed citations for speeding, red light running, and other violations of ARS Title 28. Effective process service is a critical aspect of the goal of the Scottsdale Police Department to reduce the number of collisions and related injuries within the City of Scottsdale.
Bid Due Date: June 14, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Investigation Services
Los Angeles County, CA
Agency: The Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County
Description: The Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County is seeking bids from qualified vendors interested in contracting with the Fire Department to provide investigation services for the Districts Employee Relations Division on an as-needed basis. Terms of the contract will be initially for three (3) years with two (2) possible one-year extensions.
Bid Due Date: June 14, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Background Checks
Fort Collins, CO
Agency: City of Fort Collins Purchasing Division
Description: The City of Fort Collins is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide Background Screening Services for prospective employees, contractors, or volunteers; and Utilities customers.
Bid Due Date: June 15, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Background Checks
State of Pennsylvania
Agency: Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE)
Description: The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to select a pool of qualified firms capable of providing background checking services for verification of information provided by potential employees concerning Social Security information, criminal background, academic credentials, and other items as necessary for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).
Bid Due Date: June 18, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Background Checks
Phoenix, AZ
Agency: Phoenix Personnel Department
Description: The city of Phoenix Personnel Department is inviting qualified investigators to submit a written Request for Qualification (RFQ) response to conduct extensive background screening for all non-sworn city of Phoenix applicants (e.g. "new employees") before final job offer; existing non-sworn city of Phoenix employees before promotion or transfer between departments within the organization; and, for any city of Phoenix employee upon request of the city.
Bid Due Date: June 25, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Process Serving
Merced County, CA
Agency: Merced County Department of Child Support Services
Description: It is the intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to enter into a non-exclusive, multiple award, contract(s) to secure the professional services of a qualified contractor(s) to perform legal service of process of documents, with one (1) contractor selected for Part A, within the State of California, and one (1) contractor selected for Part B, outside the State of California, for Merced County’s Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). Note:  One Contractor may be awarded both parts.
Bid Due Date: June 26, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Process Serving
Los Angeles, CA
Agency: The Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles
Description: The Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles is requesting a qualified registered California process server or other qualified Company that is exempt from registration requirements to provide proposals for the Service Of Process and Filing Services. Proposals will be evaluated based on a range of factors dealing with the overall experience and qualifications of the Contractor providing Service ff Process and Filing Services.
Bid Due Date: July 9, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Polygraph Examinations
State of Alaska
Agency: Department of Corrections
Description: The State of Alaska, Department of Corrections is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or agencies for provision of polygraph examinations of sex offenders who are under the supervision of the Department. Services are available in several locations, including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Kenai. It is the State’s intention to make multiple awards as outlined in the RFP document.
Bid Due Date: July 9, 2007
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

Investigation Services
Washington, D.C.
Agency: Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency
Description: The Contractor shall have substantial knowledge and experience (a minimum of five years) in conducting investigations in support of a Federal Inspector General’s Office or an Office of Professional Responsibility. The contractor must have an extensive knowledge of the fact finding process, obtaining evidence sufficient to determine that an allegation is either substantiated or not substantiated and capable of preparation and presentation of a Report of Investigation. Interviews will be conducted by telephones or in person.
Bid Due Date: TBD
» Click here for Full Details (requires Yahoo! Group Membership. It's FREE.)

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Article Archives
ServeReport Exclusives

The following articles, written specifically for the process serving and investigation industry, were featured in previous issues of the ServeReport.

Government Contract and RFPs
Process Server News Item The Benefits of Securing Government Contracts (Aug. 2006)
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Process Server News Item Investigator & Process Server Insurance Primer (Sept. 2005)

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Upcoming Industry Events

Below you will find a list of upcoming industry events. For detailed information, please click on the links below.

NALI 40th Anniversary National Convention
St Louis , Missouri | June 21-23, 2007
CALI 2007 Annual Conference
San Francisco, California | June 28-30, 2007
IAPI 2007 Annual Conference
Coralville, Iowa | July 26-27, 2007
WSPSA 2007 Annual Convention
Northwest Region | September 8-9, 2007
TPSA 2007 Annual Conference
Houston, Texas | September 21-22, 2007
CAPPS 2007 Annual Conference
South Lake Tahoe, California | October 5-7 2007
WALI 2007 Annual Conference
Issaquah, Washington | October 19-20 2007
AALPI 2007 Annual Conference
Chandler, Arizona | October 25-27 2007

If you have information on upcoming events or have articles you would like to contribute to the ServeReport please email us at [email protected] or call (877) 737-8366

» Visit's News & Events
» Visit's News & Events

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Member Badges & Member Badges

The and Member badges were created for advertising members to place on their home page. Thousands of legal professionals use and on a daily basis to find process servers and investigators. These brands are synonymous with process serving and investigation services - displaying these graphics on your site can lend credibility to your business.

Please visit the links below for the HTML code to place the following icons on your site. Member Badge Member Badge Investigator Badge

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Newest Members
New and Members

If would like more information on joining the web's most visited and most trusted resources for finding process servers and investigators call us at (877) 737-8366 or visit us online.

Below you will find a list of our newest members since May 9, 2007.
(sn) = Members (pn) = Members

J Duncan & Associates (pn)
Gardendale, AL
DE Associates (pn) Anniston, AL
Chameleon Investigations (pn) Phoenix, AZ
Cochise County Server (sn) Willcox, AZ
ACMS Process Service (sn) Tucson, AZ
Federal Process Service (sn) Harrisburg, AR
True Grit Investigations (sn) Greenland, AR
Walker Confidential (pn) Cedar Ridge, CA
Attorney's Diversified Services (sn) Sacramento, CA
Eddings Attorney Service (sn) Fresno, CA
Courier Process Service, Inc. (sn) Colorado Springs, CO
Atlantic Bureau Of Investigations (pn) Rehoboth Beach, DE
Metrotech Investigation & Security LLC (pn) Parrish, FL
Mario Espina & Associates, Inc. (pn) Miami Springs, FL
Sherry's Process Service (sn) Tampa, FL
Joseph J. Rich, CPS (sn) Port Saint Lucie, FL
Eye-Spy Research & Investigative Services (sn) Jupiter, FL
Cullen Process Service (sn) Mims, FL
North Georgia Process (sn) Marietta, GA
River Bend Investigations (pn) Collinsville, IL
Kellerman Investigations, Ltd. (pn) Maryville, IL
Foster Investigations (sn) Normal, IL
Lakeside Investigations (sn) Chicago, IL
Trace Investigations (pn) Bloomington, IN
E-Process & Investigations, Inc. (sn) Saint John, IN
ICU Detective Agency (pn) Wichita, KS
Dolen Investigations (pn) Versailles, KY
Trinity Investigations (pn) Bossier City, LA
Superior Process Service (sn) Negaunee, MI
Cadfael Investigative Group (pn) Wayzata, MN
Private Eye Security (pn) Eden Prairie, MN
SEMO Process Service & Investigations (sn) Arbyrd, MO
SPI Omaha (pn) Papillion, NE
Legal Process Service (sn) Reno, NV
New Hampshire
Gagnon & Wendt (pn) Nashua, NH
Litigation Intelligent Services, LLC (pn) Warner, NH
New Jersey
Garden State Investigations & Security (pn) Jackson, NJ
New Mexico
Veronica Tafoya, Process Server (sn) Socorro, NM
New York
Storrow Investigative Services, LLC (pn) Albany, NY
Orange Paper Placers, Inc. (sn) Goshen, NY
Court Services, Inc. (sn) Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
DuBrey's Lawyer Service (sn) Plattsburg, NY
Robert F. Reinhardt, Private Investigator (sn) Saratoga Springs, NY
North Carolina
Reliable Investigations (pn) Calabash, NC
Atlantic Southeast Investigations (pn) Arden, NC
Jay J. Teddy, PI (sn) Shelby, NC
Female Agents (sn) Graham, NC
Hendricks Investigations Services, LLC. (sn) Parma, OH
Marshall & Associates, Inc. (sn) Cincinnati, OH
ADB, Inc. (sn) Cincinnati, OH
Mike Mobley Reporting (sn) Dayton, OH
Talone & Associates (sn, pn ) Philadelphia, PA
I.N.A., Inc. (sn) Harrisburg, PA
Best Legal Services (sn) Philadelphia, PA
South Carolina
Bradley Investigations, LLC (pn) Lexington, SC
Brownstone Detective Agency (pn) Waco, TX
J. Mitchel Private Investigations (sn) Kerrville, TX
ABC Process Service, Inc (sn) Dallas, TX
FYI Investigations, LLC (pn) Burlington, VT
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (pn) Renton WA
Attorneys Litigation Support Services (sn) Green Bay, WI

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