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Offline Marketing through Courts and Bar Associations

Staying one step ahead of your competition is an ongoing process. A ServeNow membership, a modern, mobile-friendly website, and local optimization are extremely effective ways to ensure that your company is found in online searches. But you can supplement your online marketing with offline tactics that are specific to the process serving industry. Contact your state and local court and bar association to see if they have a referral program. Not all courts and bar associations have process server lists, but offering your services to these institutions can only help in the effort to grow your business.

Process servers provide an invaluable service to the court system and to lawyers. Guaranteeing that trials proceed on time saves the court money, and lawyers time. Therefore, courts and lawyers depend on reliable process servers - make sure your company is at the top of their list to call! Further promote your company and stand out by offering last-minute serves on retainer for your local courthouse or bar association. Also, make your business available for process server referrals. Don't be afraid to get creative and offer unique incentives and discounts for individual associations or courthouses. You'll make a lasting impression and know exactly how they got your information.

We’ve compiled information and links for you to start marketing your company. Keep in mind, statewide courts and associations are important but consider your local institutions as well.

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Alabama State Bar Association

Alabama Courthouses

Alabama Judicial System


Statewide PDF list of Alaskan Process Servers

Alaska Bar Association

Alaska Courthouses

Alaska Court System


Arizona PDF List of Process Servers

State Bar of Arizona

Arizona Courthouses

Arizona Judicial Branch


Arkansas Bar Association

Arkansas Courthouses

Arkansas Judiciary


State Bar of California

California Courthouses

The Judicial Branch of California


Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Courthouses

Colorado Judicial Branch


Connecticut Bar Association

Connecticut Courts

Connecticut Judicial Branch


Delaware Online List of Process Servers

Delaware State Bar Association

Delaware Courthouses

Delaware Judicial Branch


Florida's 15th Judicial Circuit 2017 Certified Process Servers

The Florida Bar

Florida Courthouses

Florida Courts


DeKalb County List

Gwinnett County List   

Fulton County List

Clayton County List

State Bar of Georgia

Georgia Courthouses

Georgia Judicial Branch


Hawaii PDF of 2017 Process Servers

Hawaii State Bar Association

Hawaii Courthouses

Hawaii State Judiciary


Idaho State Bar

Idaho Courthouses

Idaho Judicial Branch


Illinois State Bar Association

Illinois Courthouses

Illinois Judicial Branch


Indiana State Bar Association

Indiana Courthouses

Indiana Judicial Branch


Iowa State Bar Association

Iowa Courthouses

Iowa Judicial Branch


Kansas Bar Association

Kansas Courthouses

Kansas Judicial Branch


Kentucky Bar Association

Kentucky Courthouses

Kentucky Court of Justice


Louisiana State Bar Association

Lousiana Courthouses

Louisiana Judicial Branch


Maine State Bar Association

Maine Courthouses

Maine Judicial Branch


Maryland State Bar Association

Maryland Courthouses

Maryland Judicial Branch

Maryland Court System


Massachusetts Bar Association

Massachusetts Courthouses

Massachusetts Judicial Branch


Michigan's online interactive map of process servers

State Bar of Michigan

Michigan Courthouses

Michigan Judicial Branch

Michigan Court System


Minnesota State Bar Association

Minnesota Courthouses

Minnesota Judicial Branch


The Mississippi Bar

Mississippi Courthouses

State of Mississippi Judiciary


Missouri's Private Process Server Approval List

Missouri Bar Association

Missouri Courthouses

Missouri Courts


State Bar of Montana

Montana Courthouses

Montana Courts


Nebraska State Bar Association

Nebraska Courthouses

Nebraska Judicial Branch


State Bar of Nevada

Nevada Courthouses

Nevada Judiciary

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Bar Association

New Hampshire Courthouses

New Hampshire Judicial Branch

New Jersey

New Jersey State Bar Association

New Jersey Courthouses

New Jersey Courts

New Mexico

State Bar of New Mexico

New Mexico Courthouses

The Judicial Branch of New Mexico

New York

New York State Bar Association

New York Courthouses

New York State Unified Court System

North Carolina

North Carolina State Bar

North Carolina Courthouses

The North Carolina Court System

North Dakota

State Bar Association of North Dakota

North Dakota Courthouses

North Dakota Courts


Ohio State Bar Association

Ohio Courthouses

Supreme Court of Ohio and The Ohio Judicial System


Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma Courthouses

Oklahoma State Courts Network


Oregon State Bar

Oregon Courthouses

Oregon Judicial Department


Pennsylvania Bar Association

Pennsylvania Courthouses

Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Bar Association

Rhode Island Courts

Rhode Island Judiciary

South Carolina

South Carolina Bar

South Carolina Courthouses

South Carolina Judicial Department

South Dakota

South Dakota's online list of process servers

State Bar of South Dakota

South Dakota Courthouses

South Dakota Unified Judicial System


Tennessee Bar Association

Tennessee Courthouses

Tennessee Courts


Texas' PDF list of certified process servers

State Bar of Texas

Texas Courthouses

Texas Judicial Branch


Utah State Bar

Utah Courthouses

Utah State Court System


Vermont Bar Association

Vermont Courthouses

Vermont Judiciary


Virginia State Bar

Virginia Courthouses

Virginia's Judicial System


Washington State Bar Association

Washington Courthouses

Washington State Courts

Washington DC

District of Columbia Bar Association

Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Washington DC Courthouses

Washington DC Judiciary

West Virginia

The West Virginia State Bar

West Virginia Courthouses

West Virginia Judiciary


State Bar of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Courthouses

Wisconsin Court System


Wyoming State Bar

Wyoming Courthouses

Wyoming Judicial Branch