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Lawgical Websites FAQ


What does 'one-page' mean exactly?

Lawgical sites are one-pagers, meaning that all your company information stays on the same page of the site. This makes it easy to find the information your clients need all within a clean design.

Why is mobile-friendly important?

Mobile-friendly is extremely important for websites today. Having a site that is mobile-friendly means that it converts to fit the screen size of mobile devices. Search Engines (like Google) put a priority on mobile-friendly sites since the use of mobile devices to surf the web is growing rapidly. Having a site that is mobile-friendly, like Lawgical's, puts you ahead of the competition.

We believe that we provide fair and competitive pricing for our services and strive to make our customers as happy as possible.

How much say do I have in the design?

You have the final say on your website's design. Our designers work with you to provide a site that best suits your needs. However, keep in mind that there may be limitations and suggestions we make to help your site work and look it's best.

Why choose Lawgical Websites?

Lawgical websites are created with your industry and potential clients in mind. We offer a specialized product that is customized to your company and needs. We can quickly make updates to your code and give you advice on marketing and content. Hosting with us is also hassle-free! Don't worry about being able to read code, figuring out your domain security set up, or tech updates! We handle the tech side so you can be an expert in your own field.

Furthermore, our websites are not basic templates that you see across the web. Since we hand code our sites, you are receiving a quality product. As always, we are available to update your site - just send us your edits and we will be happy to make sure that it is to your liking.

We believe that we provide fair and competitive pricing for our services and strive to make our customers as happy as possible.

View some of our designs here

Technical Details

How are Lawgical sites coded?

Lawgical sites are coded using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript/JQuery. Using this code allows Google bots to read your site easily (important for search engine optimization) and provides a workable design. Important text is not hidden in images and our design allows for accessibility and readability.

What does search engine optimized mean?

Lawgical sites are search engine optimized, meaning that they have a higher chance of ranking online. We provide content, meta tags, and keywords that are important to your industry and code it so that Google bots can read your site and assess its importance to online searches.

It is important to note that Lawgical, and any reputable company, cannot guarantee a top ranking spot online due to competition, unknown algorithms, and other factors. However, we keep up with the latest industry news to make sure that you have the best chances to appear in related searches for your company.

Interested in rising to the top of online rankings? Check out our Lawgical Local product.

Can I have a chat feature on my site?

Lawgical does not have our own chat feature to add to websites. Instead, customers who want this feature often get the product from another company that supports it, and we add that code to our site. That said, many of our customers who had a chat feature later decided to remove it as it did not live up to expectations.

Can I use an API (Application Program Interface) with Lawgical websites?

No. We understand the desire to use API's from other companies to integrate their program on your website. However, we do not allow this as this requires more maintenance, support, and technical costs for us. We are able to provide affordable websites by restricting the technology requirements needed when using an API.

How do I receive inquiries from my website?

Our contact forms will send an email directly to you! Let us know what email address(es) work best!

I have my own domain, can I use that for my site?

If you own and have access to a domain, we are more than happy to link your domain URL to our design. You will still own your domain and be responsible for renewals. There are a couple of simple steps to linking your domain to our design, but we are happy to help and walk you through them.

Please keep in mind that if your domain registrar does not allow you to change your nameservers so they point to our system, then we will be unable to use your domain. This setting is outside our control and due to the registrar's set up and rules. You can transfer your domain to a different registrar that allows for different nameservers such as GoDaddy or Google Domains. For example, domains purchased through Wix historically have not worked and required the domain to be transferred.

I don't have a domain, how do I choose one?

We are happy to do some research to find available domains that best suit your company. We will provide you with a couple of choices that you may choose from and then we take care of the rest!

I want a domain-related email, is that possible?

Since domain-related emails involve linking domains to your personal email account, we are unable to set up this step ourselves. Please contact your domain manager or internal tech support to discuss setting up a domain-related email address. If you already have a domain-related email on a domain that you own, those emails will continue to work normally.

If you want to set up a domain-related email, we recommend Google Apps for Work through Gmail. At only $5 per month per user, it is the most reliable email platform available. There may be some information you need to send to us to complete this, but the majority of the set up is not completed by Lawgical.

I already have a domain-related email, will it continue to work?

In the vast majority of cases, yes. To keep your domain-related email working on a domain that you own, we simply transfer the nameservers, and your existing MX and the TXT records to our system so that your email stays connected.

However, there are some email hosting platforms that require that your nameservers to remain in their system in order for the email hosting to continue to work. One such platform is JustHost. If you use JustHost, we will recommend reconfiguring your domain-related email and most likely transferring your domain as our set up requires you to change your domain nameservers. 

If you have an email solution like JustHost, we recommend setting your company up with a more modern email solution, like Google Apps for Work/Gmail.

What is 'domain registration' and 'website hosting'?

A domain is the "address" of your site while hosting is the "house" where your website lives. While they are different services, you need both a domain and hosting to have an active website.

More technically, domain registration is buying a URL like "" and setting up domain nameserver records (DNS records) that point to where your website is hosted. Website hosting is the configurations that allow your site to function online. Lawgical/ServeNow provides website hosting for all of our websites. We offer domain registration if you do not already own your own domain or do not wish to.

What level of security do your sites provide?

Our hosting platform allows for a secure and encrypted connection between your site and a server, (a full SSL certificate). This gives your site the "https" URL, an important factor for people browsing the web. Most of all, hosting your site with us is hassle-free for your company. Our team knows the tech industry and requirements so that you don't have to. We take care of the background tech updates and keep your site fast. 

If you own your domain, we may not be able to provide a full SSL certificate that gives your site the "https" URL. This is due to registrar configurations that are out of our control. A known domain registrar that does not allow us to provide this security is Wix.

Do you provide any analytics?

We want to put the analytics into our customers' hands so they have the easiest access to the data they need. Therefore, we are happy to connect your site to your Google Analytics account. Here's how to get started.


What kind of photos can I use on my Lawgical website?

We are required to have legal permission for the photos used on our sites. This means we must have the photographer's permission to use their photo or the photo must be in the public domain and available for commercial use. Within these restrictions, we provide high-quality photos that fit your needs and reflect your business.

How many photos can I include on my site?

We do our best to fit the photos you want on your site, but we may recommend a different design layout to best suit your audience. Too many photos may overcrowd your site, and the content is the most important aspect of websites. 


What content is included in my site?

We personally write the content for your site including the about us, services, and why you should be hired. However, we want input so that we create content that best suits your company. The more content and help you provide, the better! If you want additional or excess content, we may ask that you provide examples or write it yourself. Be sure to include the content you want in our design form.

How many "sections" are allowed on a one-page site?

All our Lawgical sites allow for enough content to show your company's most important information. We offer three main sections: contact, main body with about us/services/FAQ, and a footer. We also include links to your social media pages and memberships. If you would like more content, you may be interested in a Premium website.

Can I have a blog or articles on my site?

No. Running a blog or posting articles would mean that the site is multiple pages, something that our sites are not designed for. We understand that this is a deal-breaker for some, but consider how often you plan on posting to a blog. Unless it is fairly often, outdated blogs/articles can make companies look like they are out of business.

If you would like a blog and a Lawgical website, we can link to an external blog site that you run independently of Lawgical.

Can I edit my own site and content?

No. We don't allow our members to edit their own site to ensure that the code remains uncorrupted. If a member does edit their own site and irrevocably change the HTML/CSS, we cannot guarantee that we can recover the site to its previous design. Instead, you will be put in contact with our website designer who can easily and quickly make changes to your content and design. 

Don't worry about learning to code or signing into another platform, you can just simply email the changes you would like to see!

Order Forms

Can I have an order form?

Lawgical sites are built to integrate with ServeManager order forms! You will need an active ServeManager account and order forms enabled. Please contact your marketing consultant to get more details regarding ServeManager order forms.

Can I customize my ServeManager order form to match my Lawgical website?

No. ServeManager order forms are a ServeManager product that just connect to our websites. Therefore, they do not allow for the same customization as our websites at this time. Instead, our team put together a professional and clean order form that will pair well with any site.

Please note this limit on customization means that you cannot change background colors or add additional fields not already included in your options on the ServeManager order form edit page.

However, you can add your logo to your order form.

Can ServeManager order forms take credit cards?

ServeManager order forms can be built to either require prepayment or not. You must enable Stripe in your ServeManager account and set up your order form with specific services and prices to require prepayment.

Can ServeManager order forms use another payment processor instead of Stripe?

No. ServeManager has integrated with Stripe due to Stripe's flexibility, both payment processing wise and coding-wise. Stripe is a complete and thorough payment processor that more often than not meets all our members' needs.

Can I have more than one ServeManager order form?

Yes. Some members have an order form that requires prepayment and one that does not. Please consider which one you would liked linked to your site. While we can link to both, our team always recommends linking to a prepayment form so your ServeManager account is not overloaded with unpaid requests.

Can ServeManager order forms be linked on my domain?

Yes, as long as your website is hosted with Lawgical and your domain nameservers point to our system. Your order form URL can be on your domain, such as "".

However, if you have two order forms, your order form URLs will look something like "" and "".

If you would like your order form(s) be linked to your domain, please contact the ServeManager help team as we must configure this internally. If your order form is not connected to your domain, it will live on a URL similar to ""


I have a company logo, can I include this?

Of course, please email us your logo in a .jpeg or .png file form to your Marketing Consultant. Typically, a horizontally oriented logo works best (longer than it is high).

Can I include my memberships and their logos?

Yes, if you are a member of an association, we may include your membership as well as their member logos on your site. Please let us know what associations you belong to on our website design form and email us the membership logos you would like to include. 

Premium Websites

Premium websites provide the same features as the regular Lawgical one-page sites, but Premium allows for additional content and an on-page navigation bar. These sites are made for larger one-page sites that need extra content that requires a navigation bar for ease of use. Contact your Marketing Consultant for examples and to see if a Premium website is right for you. Set up fees for our Premium website are $499.

Post Design

How do I make the most of my website?

Spread the word! Tell your clients and employees about your site so that they can use and reference it for future help. You can make the biggest impact by sharing and linking your website to powerful sites online so that it is exposed to more people and earning backlinks. Here are some places to get started:

  • Social media - link your new website to all your existing accounts and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Have Websites link to you - have industry associations, directories like the Better Business Bureau, and ServeNow / PInow / AboutBail listings link to your website.
  • Resource Sharing - Guest blogging, sharing helpful industry tips, and partnerships that direct a link back to your website can help spread your business' influence.
  • Local Search - One of the most effective ways to get your business noticed is through Google Local, the map section of Google results. Register your business for free, and contact us to discuss ways to increase your ranking. Read more here:

I'm getting emails from random SEO and website design companies saying they can spruce up my site. Are these legitimate emails?

These emails are very clear sales tactics done by people wishing to sell you expensive and unnecessary SEO products or website upgrades. They can be clever and look legitimate if you aren't a tech pro, but these emails are spam - sent in mass quantities hoping that they can get some business. They most likely have not looked at your page's worth or really created that "free analytic assessment." We recommend that you ignore these emails as we've created a quality product truly aimed at providing your business with a valuable online presence.

Read our resource, Domain & Website Basics: Information to Avoid Scams, to learn more about scams and the technical details of websites.

Our sites have been developed from the ground up by incredibly talented developers and have appropriate tags, the right keyword filled content, and meta descriptions. Learn why Lawgical websites are process server and private investigator's first choice for website design:

  • We create websites specific for legal support professionals and understand the industry and what your potential clients are looking for. We offer a specialized product that is customized to your company and its needs.
  • Most of all, hosting your site with us is hassle-free for your company. Our team knows the tech industry and requirements so that you don't have to. We take care of the background tech updates and keep your site fast. Lawgical websites are built so that your customers can have an easy time finding and contacting your company, and you don't have to worry about the tech side and stay focused on getting your assignments completed.