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Local Optimization FAQ


What is Local Optimization?

A Google search result these days is likely to result in a map with several businesses listed below it. In order for your business to rank in your area for your service, you will likely need to do local optimization. With the Lawgical Local Optimization product, we take the right steps to make your business easy to find across the web.

Even for specialists, local optimization can be an incredibly complicated topic. “I know I’m getting more phone calls, but why? What is a Google business listing anyway?” Many of our customers tend to have the same questions about a local profile and the services we offer. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions below.

What do I need for Local Optimization?

You will need a good website, a business address (no PO Boxes), business phone number, and some excitement about increasing your online presence resulting in more phone calls!

If I already have a website that clearly explains my services, why do I need additional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The Google algorithm wants to feature the best results to searchers. It selects who's placed on top based on various indicators including a good website, links to your site, business listings on other high-quality websites, backlinks, reviews, and more.

Listings & Citations

What is a Google My Business listing?

A Google My Business listing is the first thing you will need for local optimization. Think of this as a directory listing, like a listing in the yellow pages book. It’s free, but setting one up doesn’t necessarily mean you will rank for your service in your city.

What is a citation?

A citation is a listing on an authority website like or - or even a broad business directory like Citysearch or Manta. Google reads these websites to verify that you are a legitimate business. It is important when building citations to keep your name, business address, phone number, and website the same across the web. Marketers call this NAP data.

Why am I getting sales calls from listings like Yelp and YP?

An unfortunate side effect of the local optimization process is that Yelp, YP, and other citations will call or email and try to up-sell you. We highly recommend that you don't take any of them up on it based on previous client experience. Politely ask them to take you off their call list and they will stop bothering you after a few months.

What is Yext?

Yext is a citation fixing service. They find your inconsistent name, address, phone, or website address information across their partnered sites and update it. This citation cleanup is included in our Local Optimization product. Furthermore, Yext is very expensive and a "quick fix" that will only last as long as you pay them. We recommend that you unsubscribe from their email list.


Can I use a PO Box as my address?

No. It’s against Google’s rules to use a PO Box as your address. This may seem unfair for service-area businesses that don’t necessarily need an office. However, Google wants to avoid having businesses with big marketing budgets from claiming listings across the country, stealing business from locally-based businesses.

How do I get listed if I work out of my home?

We use your home address to verify your listing. If you don’t want your address on Google, we can hide it from searchers, but it still has to be on your website and in other places across the internet for you to rank.

My address is in a smaller suburb outside of town. How do I rank in the bigger city?

It’s difficult to rank in bigger cities, since the people who do rank have often been working on local optimization for years and put a lot of effort into reviews, backlinks, and other SEO strategies. You could open an office in the bigger city, but we recommend using your current address. Ranking in smaller towns isn’t bad as people still need process servers outside of large metropolitan areas. Don’t forget, it only takes two jobs a month to more than pay for our local optimization product.

If you don’t want to use your home address and an office is not financially possible for you, contact your Lawgical marketing consultant for additional options.

Product Details

I live in an area with little to no competition. Why should I pay for local optimization?

You certainly don’t have to! But many business owners find that learning to overcome issues with the Google algorithm and maintaining listings isn’t worth their time. Often marketing is more effective when you work with experts. Lawgical also lists you on many other websites and apps where people might be searching for you like Siri and Yelp. Additionally, you’ll have a significant head start on any future competition moving into your area.

What do you do for me that I can’t do on my own?

Local optimization is a product to help you rank, but much of it is finding solutions and making changes to things that have been done wrong in the past. Our experts troubleshoot on-site and off-site issues with your online presence and often contact Google, Bing, and other places for you. Our local optimization sets you up to rank for years to come.

Why does Lawgical require a 12 month contract?

After we set up your business online and verify all your business listings, it can take up to a few weeks or months for the citations we build to “go live.” We estimate you’ll start to see benefit from the citation building work between 3 and 6 months as Google slowly discovers these new listings. We require at least a full year of feeding your information into the internet ecosystem to see lasting results. Although it can take months to start ranking, your business should continue to get more business for years to come.


When can I expect to see myself at #1?

Rankings depend mostly on the competition in your area. It can take between one and six months to see results from your local optimization and, if at that time you still aren’t seeing results, we reassess the situation and make further efforts to gain reviews, get more backlinks or citations, and consult you on things like adding content or making improvements to your website.

Any SEO company that guarantees #1 rankings shouldn’t be trusted.

How do I know if I’m moving up in rankings?

Search Google for your service in your city e.g. “Denver process server.” If you don’t yet see yourself on the first page, click “More Places” below the map and listings showing in the search results. You should see your business moving up the longer list of businesses next to the map.

What can I do to help my company move up in local search?

In addition to subscribing to our local optimization service, there are certain things that only you as the business owner can do to help boost your rankings. You can help by getting positive reviews, reaching out for links to your site, and improving the usability of your website.

If you're interested in Lawgical Local Optimization, call (877) 737-8366 for a free consultation.