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Test Your Assault Prevention Knowledge

Preventing assault and foreseeing any dangerous situations are crucial as process servers. Process server safety is paramount, so be sure that you are properly informed and prepared to handle any potential threats and understand how to defuse the situation or protect yourself.

Think you know what it takes to prevent an assault? Test your assault prevention tactics with five scenarios, designed and advised by experienced process servers from across the country. Click the slideshow to start, and when presented with a scenario, click the tactic that you think will help prevent an assault.

Scenario 1: A client contacts you with a job

Do you immediately accept or seek clarification?

Scenario 2: Pulling up to the serve

Is it best to pull into the driveway or park on the street?

Scenario 3: When the person invites you inside

Accept the invitation and go into the home, or decline and wait outside?

Scenario 4: When the person gets angry and accusatory

What's the best way to handle a tense situation?

Scenario 5: When the serve is complete

What is the correct method for leaving the serve?