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Why Join ServeNow

ServeNow was created as a solution to process servers’ online marketing by combining leads, increased visibility, member-specific content, and deals, into products aimed at improving the industry and process servers’ daily work. Our combination of process server products provides everything that a legal support professional needs for online marketing and more!

To join ServeNow, you must have at least one years experience serving papers or a law enforcement background, and provide two letters of recommendation.

If I wasn't a member of ServeNow I'm afraid I would be out of business. They've been my biggest partner in growing my business since I opened the first process serving firm in North Carolina, and I want to get involved in anything that they have to offer the industry. I intend to stay on ServeNow as long as I'm in the business.
- Ruth Reynolds

What we offer

Ranking Process Service Network

ServeNow is a network of process servers and legal support professionals. We rank in online searches for process servers and are a top resource for industry information. Since we understand the process serving industry, our products and prices are built specifically for the legal support industry. Our marketing specialists know what information looks best to your potential customers, and are on top of new trends in both tech and the legal field.

Because ServeNow is customized for the process serving industry, you won’t have to describe what it is you do. We’re one step ahead of other marketing agencies when it comes to understanding your business.

Lead Generation

ServeNow’s high online ranking brings lawyers, business agencies, and private individuals who need to hire a process server to our site. A listing on ServeNow increases your chances of being hired in your coverage area by new customers.

In 2017, 35% of all written requests for services on ServeNow are from law firms - increasing your visibility to highly desirable clients who often have repetitive requests for services. From our tens of thousands of unique monthly users, you are sure to gain a new client to cover the cost of your membership. Don’t lose out to your competition just by not being a ServeNow member.

The majority of people searching for a process serving are calling, so join ServeNow to get your phones ringing - just make sure you ask how they heard about you!

Valuable Backlink

All of ServeNow’s value isn’t immediately seen as a backlink from our site can increase your own website’s ranking over time. Since ServeNow is an industry-specific network and ranks highly for process serving topics, a link on ServeNow shows to search engines that you are a legitimate process server.

This industry-specific link helps you rank online for organic searches and validates your company. At the very least, you should have one location listing on ServeNow to establish your company and website in the process serving and legal support services industry.

Member Exclusives

As a ServeNow member, we send you monthly guides via emails to help improve your business and online marketing. These Member Exclusive guides include topics like process server safety, marketing consultations, communication tips, and new technology.

Our goal is to educate process servers on relevant topics, new and old so that their business can be as effective and profitable as possible. Along with that same idea, we offer the ServeReport, a bi-weekly newsletter that includes ServeNow’s latest articles, resources, and upcoming events.

Packaged Products and Mutual Product Support

A ServeNow membership is an essential part of every process server’s online marketing plan and we provide other products to help support that membership. A bundled package of a ServeNow listing, Lawgical Website, Local Optimization, and ServeManager are all created to support a process server’s success, especially when combined together.

Packaging your products together with ServeNow and Lawgical makes it easier to communicate and update all your information. Use one company to guide you to marketing success instead of spreading your resources across companies.

Plain and simple: our products support each other for a winning combination for process servers’ online marketing success.

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Our Team

Marketing Consultants

Our dedicated team of consultants is ready to discuss your business needs, what products are best for your company, and how to gain more clients. Your Marketing Consultant will walk you through our products and get you signed up!

Client Concierge

The client concierge is available to help you with getting set up, updates, account questions, and to make sure that your profile looks its best. The concierge is our team member solely dedicated to improving your experience with ServeNow.

Product Specialists

The individuals behind your website or local optimization that know the answers to your more detailed questions. Our product specialists know the ins & outs of our products to ensure the highest quality.

Tech Support

Our in-house tech team works behind the scenes to ensure that everything is running smoothly, contact forms are working, and settings are updated.