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How to Hire a Process Server

  • March 29, 2011
  • by Staff

how to hire a process serverIf you would like to hire a process server, you are looking for someone who is reputable, organized and professional. But how can you locate and hire these people? This article will supply a few common suggestions.

1. Locate a competent process server. If you do not have time to personally look through the credentials of the many process servers in your area, consider employing a professional from, a trusted network of local, pre-screened process servers. By only accepting knowledgeable servers in our network, takes away the uncertainty from hiring a server in the U.S. or internationally.

2. Do a comparison of rates, and anticipate paying more for faster service. The cost of having papers served frequently depends on how many attempts it takes and what turn-around-time is anticipated. Same-day or rush services ordinarily cost more. A “routine” service that takes between five and seven days can cost as little as $20 or as much as $100 in some locations. The national average is between $45 and $75. You might want to check with a few different professionals in your area to compare costs before you agree to employ someone. Keep in mind that your final intention is to have your documents effectively served, so the expertise and practical knowledge of the process server is substantially more important than the cost of the service.

3. Look for association memberships. If a server is a member of local and/or national associations, he or she is probably to be up-to-date on ethics and regulations applicable to the profession. It is important to select an expert who is accustomed with the appropriate laws in your state, because someone who violates the law will result in an unacceptable service for you.

4. Learn about the server’s communication methods. Is it critical to you to be able to effortlessly contact the process server for information? Do you wish to know the moment the service is accomplished? Make certain you ask the process serving firm you are considering hiring about how and when they will be in touch with you. One effortless way to work together with servers and obtain electronic updates is to use ServeManager software, which is comparable to online tracking of packages from the major delivery companies.

5. Make it uncomplicated for the process server to serve your papers. Provide the server with as much information as possible so they can find and serve the subject. The more you give the process server to work with, the higher the success rate. Information that you can give to assist the server includes up-to-date residential and/or business addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle descriptions, work hours, physical descriptions and even photos.

How do I find a trusted local process server? is a trusted network of local, pre-screened process servers. To find a professional process server, please visit or call (877) 737-8366.

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