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Below you will find links to free legal forms provided by state court web sites. Many states provide forms relevant to service of process. Additionally, you will be able to find petitions for divorce and small claims forms.

If you are in need of process server, you may begin your search by visiting the home page or you can use the search utility at the top of the page.

If you would like to report a problem with any of the below links, please email us.

If you need another type of legal form, you can visit Legal Zoom to purchase forms like general affidavits and bills of sale. has compiled a state by state list of forms, which you can view by clicking on the links below.

Legal Forms by State


Free Alabama Legal Forms – From the Alabama Courts web site


Free Alaska Legal Forms – provide by the Alaska Court System

Alaska Affidavit of Service Form (Civil)


Free Arizona Legal Forms – self service forms from the Arizona Supreme Court


Free Arkansas Legal Forms – court forms from the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts


Free California Legal Forms – California Court Forms from the judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts


Free Colorado Legal Forms – Self-help center from the Colorado Judicial Branch


Free Connecticut Legal Forms – official court forms from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch


Free Delaware Legal Forms – legal forms provided by the Delaware State Courts

Delaware Affidavit of Service Form (Direct download)


Free Florida Legal Forms (8th Judicial Circuit) – the 8th Judicial Circuit Court serves Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and Union Counties

Free Florida Legal Forms (9th Judicial Circuit) – the 9th Judicial Circuit Court serves Osceola and Orange Counties.


Free Georgia Legal Forms – Court forms from the Judicial Branch of Georgia


Free Hawaii Legal Forms – Court and Legal Forms from the state of Hawaii


Free Idaho Legal Forms – Court Forms from the Idaho Supreme Court Self-help Center


Free Illinois Legal forms (19th Judicial Circuit) – the 19th Judicial Circuit includes Lake and McHenry Counties

McHenry County Legal Forms

Cook County (Chicago) Legal Forms


Free Indiana Legal Forms – from the Indiana Courts website


Free Iowa Legal Forms – From the Iowa Judicial Branch


Free Kansas Legal Forms – online forms from the state of Kansas website


Free Kentucky Legal Forms – forms library from the Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice


Free Lousiana Legal Forms – from the Supreme Court of Lousiana


Free Maine Legal Forms – Maine Judicial Branch Publications and Forms


Free Maryland Legal Forms – Court forms from the Maryland Courts web site


Free Massachusetts Legal Forms – State and Federal Legal Forms from the Massachusetts Trial Courts Law Libraries


Free Michigan Legal Forms – State Court Administrative Office Approved Court Forms and Reporting Requirements for Michigan


Minnesota Proof of Service Forms

Free Minnesota Legal Forms – Court Forms from the Self-help Center of the Minnesota Judicial Branch


Free Mississippi Legal Forms (Southern District)

Free Mississippi Legal Forms (Northern District)


Free Missouri Court Forms – Court forms from the State of Missouri Courts website

Appointment Forms – Court appointment forms for St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson Counties.

Motion Order – Motion Order for Jackson County.


Free Montana Court Forms – from the State of Montana Law Library


Free Nebraska Court Forms – from the Supreme Court of Nebraska


Free Nevada Court Forms – Legal forms from the Nevada Supreme Court Library

New Hampshire

Free New Hampshire Court Forms – Forms and fees from the New Hampshire Judicial Branch Self-Help Center

New Jersey

New Jersey Affidavit of Service Forms

Free New Jersey Court Forms – Legal forms from the New Jersey State Judiciary web site

New Mexico

Free New Mexico Court Forms – Legal forms provided by the Supreme Court of New Mexico

New York

New York Affidavit of Service Form

Free New York Court Forms – New York State Resources on Forms, Permits, Registrations, Licenses and Certifications

North Carolina

Free North Carolina Court Forms – North Carolina Court System forms database

North Dakota

Free North Dakota Court Forms – Forms for self-represented parties from the North Dakota Supreme Court


Free Ohio Court Forms – state of Ohio’s top requested forms


Free Oklahoma Court Forms – from the Oklahoma State Courts Network


Free Oregon Court Forms – from the Oregon State Courts website


Free Pennsylvania Court Forms

Rhode Island

Free Rhode Island Court Forms – from the Rhode Island Judiciary website

South Carolina

Free South Carolina Court Forms – court forms from the South Carolina Judicial Department

South Dakota

Free South Dakota Court Forms – court forms from the South Dakota Judicial System


Free Tennessee Court Forms – court forms from the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts


Free Texas Court Forms (Northern District)

Free Texas Court Forms (Southern District) – forms and fees


Free Utah Court Forms – from the Utah State Court website


Free Vermont Court Forms – from the Vermont Judicial Department


Free Virginia Court Forms – General District Court Forms


Free Washington Court Forms – from the Washington Courts website

Washington DC

Free District of Columbia Legal Forms – legal forms provided by the District of Columbia online services

West Virginia

Free West Virginia Court Forms – from the West Virginia Secretary of State


Free Wyoming Court Forms – from the U.S. District Court – District of Wyoming

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