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Become an Illinois Process Server

Requirements to Become an Illinois Process Server

There is no statewide licensing law for process serving in Illinois so you do not need a license in order to be a process server in Illinois. However, a licensed private detective can serve process without special appointment in all counties except for Cook County.

Cook County

In Cook County, a court will appoint either a private detective agency or an individual over the age of 18 of their choosing to serve original process.

If you are not a private detective but want to be considered for appointment as a process server in Cook County, you must:

  • Present legal photo identification
  • Complete an application for appointment at the county court in which you reside
  • Undergo a criminal background check and get fingerprinted
  • Pay processing fees. This may include payment for process server training but this depends on the county and court.


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NOTE: The requirements to become a process server change from time to time. You should contact your local county clerk or recorder to make sure the following information regarding becoming a process server in your state is still accurate.

Help us stay current. If you know of changes to legislation that affect process serving serving in your state, please let us know.

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