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If you are interested in becoming a process server, it is worthwhile to research all aspects of the industry including requirements, best practices, and tools to help your business. Professional process servers serve paperwork to legally notify an individual of their involvement in a court case or proceeding. Process servers also serve evictions, garnishments, writs of execution, and numerous other types of legal documents. Process serving is an integral part of the legal system to ensure that civil procedure is executed accurately.

Process servers have a various amount of skills as there are many additional services that process servers can offer, and a solid understanding of the rules and regulations in their state. There are many process servers that work full-time, and others that use it as supplemental income as contractors, so serving process is a viable option to fit into your schedule.

Here at ServeNow, we prepare process servers through articles, resources, and products. We offer online marketing support to guide your business to success by generating leads through our network, increasing your online ranking through websites and local optimization, and improving operations with process serving software. Read our articles below to learn what it takes to become a professional process server.

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Process Service Licensing

Statewide Licensing

Local Licensing


Not all states require licensing, therefore not all states have mandatory training. To see if there is any available training, contact your local courthouse or statewide process serving association.

Laws & Associations

Getting Started

Process Server Products

Tools for new process servers aimed to get your business off the ground, expand marketing, and grow your referrals.

Next Steps

I'm a process server (or want to be), now what? The next steps to take your business to the next level is expanding your networking and marketing in order to gain new business. A great option is to network with other process servers to offer contract work. This is particularly useful for nationwide or agencies with coverage areas across states. Furthermore, you should focus on marketing directly to law firms and courthouses. Even if they are already established and have a process serving company, you should introduce your company, services, and why you are the best choice for the legal support service needs.

Process servers with a years experience and two letters of recommendation can join ServeNow to market to even more law firms, businesses, and private individuals to gain a reputation in the process serving industry.