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Logo Design for Process Servers: Everything You Need To Know

There are countless ways to market your business as a process server. From having a great online presence to handing out business cards to local law firms, there are many different means for process servers to successfully get their name out there. When marketing your company, you will want to stand out from the crowd. One way to help potential clients recognize your brand and trust your company is with a good logo.

Here at ServeNow, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly logos, and want to help guide you in creating a professional logo for your business.

Why Do I Need a Logo?

A well-designed, professional logo establishes a sense of trust and recognition. Clients and potential clients will recognize your brand if they consistently see your logo throughout your marketing avenues (website, business cards, emails, social media, etc.). An ideal logo is simple, tells people the name of your company, and includes relevant imagery.

That Is Not a Logo!

Ultimately, a good logo versus a bad logo could be the deciding factor in a client hiring a process server. That’s why it’s important to understand what constitutes a professional logo. A logo should not:

1) Be hand drawn, scanned, and then uploaded for you to use. Even if you are a modern day Van Gogh, this process distorts the image, and there are typically some shadows. A great logo should be clean and clear.

Badly Drawn Logo

2) Contain irrelevant or distracting imagery. If your logo has too much going on it may distract people from remembering your company’s name. Keep it simple with imagery that compliments your business name rather than hides it.

Too Busy Logo

3) A logo should not be a picture of your process serving badge, a picture of you, a picture of your cat, or really a picture of anything. The point of a logo is to showcase your company’s brand and make it memorable. It shows you took the extra time to create something that puts your process service company out there as professional and trustworthy.

Cute Cat Logo

What Makes a Good Logo?

So now that you’ve seen the bad, it’s time to explore the aspects that make up a good logo that can be used throughout your various marketing platforms. A good logo should include:

1) Easy to read text. The text part of your logo should be in a readable and professional font. Avoid cartoon-like fonts such as Comic Sans and hard to read cursive fonts.

Quality Logo

2) Simple and pleasing colors. A neon logo is not going to put forward the idea that your company is professional. It is also a bit of an eyesore. Your logo will appear on computer screens and on paper via business cards and letters, so it is important to choose colors that translate on all mediums. It is best to keep the color scheme simple by choosing 2 to 3 solid colors and avoiding things like gradients, metallics, and very pale colors. Your logo should look as good in monochrome (black and white) as it does in color.

Monochrome Logo

3) Scalability. Remember a logo should be designed so that it can easily be resized and used on different platforms, so make sure the text is legible and images are clear at different file sizes. Rectangular logos with a horizontal orientation work best.

Square Logo

4) Relevant imagery. The imagery included in your logo should showcase what you want your business remembered for. If you want to portray that you are involved in the legal services industry then courthouses, gavels, paperwork, and legal scales are some ideas of relevant graphics to include. If you cover a specific city or state, an outline of a city skyline, state, or state flag, would be relevant to include.

How Can I Get a Logo?

Hiring a professional designer or marketing company to design a logo often comes with a higher price tag. If you decide to hire a graphic designer or freelancer for your logo, ask what is included in the purchase. Typically, a graphic designer will include multiple versions of the same logo, one in black and white, one in color, one without a transparent background, and one with a transparent background, and often in a .png file. Although your logo should ideally be rectangular with a horizontal orientation, your designer should also include a square version as well.

Luckily, here at ServeNow, we offer logo design at an affordable price. Contact us to learn more.


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I Want To Create My Own Logo!

If you have a knack for design, there are some awesome options out there for you to draft your own logo. Canva allows you to create your own logo, even providing templates for you to work off of. Once you have your logo finalized, they have options for you to create business cards and letterheads as well.

Where Can I Use My Logo?

Now that you have a professional logo designed, you can incorporate it in any of your marketing avenues. This includes:

1) Your website. Add your logo to your website design. You’ll want to include it towards the header of the site so it is one of the first things potential clients see that can help you stand out from the competition.

2) Social media. Add your logo to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to look more professional. You can even create a post, sharing the new logo with your followers.

3) Business cards. Print out new business cards with your freshly designed logo and hand them out to local law firms and businesses.

4) Other professional correspondence such as letterheads, faxes, email signatures, invoices, and statements. The more you consistently get your brand out there, the more likely a past client is to remember you and recommend you.

3) Swag! To really get ahead of the competition, you can print your logo on little “thank you” gifts for your clients. This includes notebooks, tote bags, shirts, hats, phone cases, mugs, etc.


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