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How to Choose the Perfect Company Name

  • July 16, 2018
  • ServeNow Staff

Choosing a business name might seem trivial but it can help attribute to your company's success. Your business name reflects your company's values and the services you provide, so it crucial that you take the time to fully …

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How Process Servers Can Plan for Retirement

  • April 09, 2018
  • Stephanie Irvine

For process servers who work as independent contractors or who operate their own business, planning for retirement requires a bit of ingenuity and research — but it can be done. While traditional employees often have options to …

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Civil Process Service in Gated Communities

  • March 26, 2018
  • Stephanie Irvine

Gated communities have often stymied process servers just trying to do their job as the gates create a physical barrier between themselves and the individual they need to serve. Some states have put laws on the books to help …

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How to Serve an Individual With a Post Office Box

  • October 23, 2017
  • Stephanie Irvine

In the civil process service world, few jobs are more challenging than those without a physical address. And while cases in which you are given a post office box may offer slightly more information, there is a chance that they …

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Serving Individuals With No Addresses or Names

  • July 31, 2017
  • Stephanie Irvine

A colony of squatters on private property presented one process server with a dilemma: how to serve a group of people without knowing their names or addresses. Read how she accomplished this task and advice that can be used in …

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