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What Types of Services do Process Servers Offer?

Process servers provide invaluable services for the justice system by ensuring that legal paperwork is complete, served, and filed on time. Here we break down the variety of services that process servers provide beyond serving legal documents to notify defendants of their involvement in court cases.

In addition to service of process, process servers often provide services like court filing, e-filing, mobile notary, skip tracing, document and records retrieval, photocopying, and courier services.


Court Filing / E-filing

Court Filing

Court filing is the process of submitting legal paperwork so that a legal case can be reviewed and assigned a trial date. Court filing is extremely important as deadlines and statue of limitations must be considered.

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E-filing is electronically submitting court paperwork or documents. Process servers are often best to help you with e-filing as the procedure can be complicated.

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Notary Public

Notary Public / Mobile Notary

A notary public is an individual often authorized by the secretary of state who can legally certify signatures on important documents. They act as a neutral third party on behalf of the state to ensure that signatures are collected in a legal manner.

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Court Document Search

Document and Records Retrieval

Legal cases often need research and retrieval of relevant documents from the court to support their claim. Since process servers already know the court system well, document and records retrieval often goes hand in hand with their services.

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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a location service specifically for process serving. Process servers are often skip tracers so that they can locate evasive individuals in order to serve them documents. 

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Legal Photocopying


Photocopying is the process of organizing and archiving case paperwork for digital reference. Often used by lawyers for the large caseload, photocopying can ease the burden of searching for information from a specific case handled year previously.

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Courier Services

Courier Services

Courier services include pickup and delivery of objects, packages, and paperwork. Process servers often handle important legal paperwork, so hiring a process server for other courier services is a safe bet to keep your belongings secure.

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Need Legal Assistance?

Get in touch with a ServeNow process server to serve your legal paperwork and provide supplemental legal assistance for your court case. Many process servers are skilled and trained in various legal work and oftentimes assist in the other services listed on this page.

Keep in mind, process servers are not lawyers and therefore cannot provide legal advice.