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Court Filing

What is court filing?

Court filing is the process of submitting your paperwork for your legal case. Court filing is important because there are deadlines to file legal paperwork in a court system. Also, it helps ensure that a case is filed within its statute of limitations.

Who needs to file papers in a court?

Anyone who is submitting a lawsuit, whether it be a civil or criminal case.

What type of paperwork should be filed to submit a case?

Contact your local county for clarification on what they require. A lawyer or paralegal should be able to provide direction as well.


What is e-filing?

E-filing is electronically submitting your paperwork into the court system. Different courts in different states have varying rules and regulations so it is important to review your state's status on e-filing. Some states require electronic filing for certain courts. As e-filing is becoming more popular, it is important to contact a legal professional who can handle your e-filing needs.
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Who needs e-filing?

Anyone who is filing a lawsuit may use e-filing should their state's courts allow electronically submitting their paperwork. Certain cases and courts require e-filing to submit their relevant court paperwork.

Who completes e-filing?

Depending on the state and the court, lawyers, companies, and private individuals can use e-filing, but contacting a process server who has experience in the legal system may prove beneficial for filing electronically within the court's standards.

In some state courts, only lawyers or county clerks have access to e-filing. Oftentimes, you must register in order to complete your e-filing.

Where is e-filing accepted?

E-filing is accepted in courts around the country and is becoming more commonplace. Be sure to review your state's courts that allow e-filing, or contact your court directly.

E-filing help

Do you need help filing your court documents? It may be beneficial to contact a legal support service professional.