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Legal Courier Service

Legal Courier Service
A courier service is someone who pickups and delivers. Couriers can deliver messages, packages, documents, mail, etc.
Depending on the type of object(s) you are getting delivered, you can trust your courier with sensitive information. Couriers are privy to pick up and drop off locations as well as the object(s) that you are asking them to handle. While couriers should not search for additional or sensitive information, it is important to trust your courier. Courier services such as UberEATS, Postmates, and Instacart are perfect for food or grocery deliveries, while legal courier services handled by process servers ask for more sensitive deliveries and documents.
Process servers work with and fill out legal documents daily so they know how to handle sensitive information. They provide confidential services while serving papers and will never reveal any personal details. When process servers serve papers, they never disclose their cases and are therefore the most trustworthy individual to handle your courier service needs.

Why hire a courier?

Legal Courier Service
Couriers are a great way to have your items picked up and delivered with convenience and peace of mind. If you are unable to grab your belongings, couriers can ease the pressure by delivering them to you.
Furthermore, larger shipping companies such as FedEx do not offer pick up and delivery for personalized small packages. They will only deliver packages that are processed through the courier. Hiring a large shipping company can also be expensive while a private courier offering the same service can deliver for you with ease.

How much does a courier cost?

For the most accurate pricing, contact the courier service directly and ask the process server what their rates are. The rate of cost will also change depending on the object(s) and location of delivery. If you’re planning to use a courier often, it’s highly recommended you include that in your initial conversation in case they have bulk rates.

What are the different types of courier services?

There are four types of courier services: international, same day express, overnight, and standard courier. For legal courier services, the items need to be delivered in a timely manner so you can expect packages to be delivered by the deadline given. If legal packages don’t arrive at the court by the deadline, there could be a delay in the case so make sure you give your courier plenty of notice in advance so that they can ensure your delivery is timed perfectly.

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