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Legal Photocopying

What is legal photocopying?

Legal photocopying is the process of scanning documents into a computer for digital use and organization. Legal photocopying is a valuable resource as more and more information is becoming available digitally, although some point out that the legal field will never be paperless. Photocopying and archiving can involve digital uploads to either an online platform or server, or onto a drive or storage disc until future need.

Who uses photocopying?

Legal photocopying is most often used by law firms who need to organize their case documents in an orderly and systematic way. Since law firms take on many cases each year, having archived records is important to make sure that no important information is lost. 

How does photocopying help lawyers?

Legal photocopying, or copying of a large number of documents and creating a system to organize and locate them, is a valuable resource for law firms. Instead of searching through legal binders, numerous files, and copious paperwork, legal photocopying can ease the burden and time for research.

Why should you use photocopying services?

You should use photocopying services if you have a large amount of paperwork to be archived and organized for potential research. Photocopying is also useful to ensure that your information is secured and not lost when moving or storing physical files.

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