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Document and Record Retrieval

What is court research?

Court research is the process of sorting through court archives in order to determine which records are relevant for your court case. This can include previous rulings or standing laws.

Who uses court research?

Lawyers and private individuals use court research to help bolster their case in a court of law. Judges can use court research to provide clarity on a ruling and guide their decision.

What is document and record retrieval?

Document and record retrieval is the process of collecting information from the court system on previous cases that are open to the public.

Who retrieves these documents and records from the court?

Anyone with access to PACER can receive court records and documents. However, it can be worthwhile to contact a process server or legal support service professional who already has access to this platform for ease of use.

Why do you need document and record retrieval?

Document and record retrieval can be useful to gain information relevant to your case. Similar cases, other arguments, or previous rulings can prove helpful to building your defense or prosecution in court.

How do you access court records?

Federal public court records are available through PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). You must register to access the files, as well as pay a .10cent fee for each page. You may find it more convenient and save time by contacting a legal support professional who offer document retrieval.

Local and state court records can often be accessed through the local court website. Contacting the individual court where the documents were filed may be necessary for certain, smaller cases.

What kind of documents can you retrieve?

There are many types of documents that you can retrieve. To see if the type of document you need is available for retrieval, we recommend contacting a legal support service professional.

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