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How to Choose the Perfect Company Name

  • July 16, 2018
  • by ServeNow Staff
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Luckily, being listed at the top of the phone book isn’t the only marketing tactic you have to keep in mind while choosing a business name anymore, (no need to name your company AAAAAAA Process Servers). Since online searches are the preferred choice for finding process servers, and search engines do not organize listings alphabetically, you will need to use other naming strategies.

Choosing a business name might seem trivial but it can help attribute to your company's success. Your business name reflects your company's values and the services you provide, so it crucial that you take the time to fully assess all aspects of your choice. There are many factors to take into consideration when naming, or branding, your business. From researching competitor names and being unique, to using industry-related words and themes, analyzing benefits and pitfalls should be a part of the process. Here are some tips to get you started:

Review Your Competitors’ Company Names

What are the names of other process serving agencies in your area? You don’t want the business and clients you’ve earned to confuse you with another company, so be sure that your company name stands out from the rest.

Choose Something Unique and Memorable

Catchy phone numbers and theme songs have long been a part of marketing tactics. I'm sure you still remember jingles from your childhood. The same applies to choose a company name. A memorable name means returning clients can easily remember and find you when they need your services again. If your name blends in with the rest, they may forget which company they originally used.

Additionally, you want your company’s listings to appear first when searching for your exact business name. If there are other companies that appear as results when you search for your company name, it might be confusing or complicated for clients or potential clients who already know your business's name to find you. Make your company name unique so that there is no question they have found who they are looking for.

Include Wording that Hints to your Industry or Location

It can be highly beneficial for your company name to hint at your main service or business category, like process serving, private investigations, or legal services. If your business targets a specific location, making note of your area can be beneficial as well. Potential clients looking for services in an area won't have to look far to know that you are the right company for them. 

It is important, however, not to name your company something like ‘Nationwide Process Servers.' Clients who already know your name will have a hard time finding you in a Google search with such a vague name. Finding the right balance between service/location hints and a strong, independent brand is difficult, but very important.

Keep in mind that vague terms like "legal" can mean a lot of different things depending on context. Don't give your company a name that implies a service you don't offer. If in doubt, ask friends and family whether the business name is confusing.

Consider Brand Themes and Colors

Think about what branding colors and themes you want to reflect in your marketing materials and website. Does your company name reflect the images and logo ideas you have for your brand? Do you have a particular style of logo or specific colors you want to use? Make sure the color scheme, imagery, and name of your business adequately convey the impression you want to give your returning and potential clients.

Research Available Domain Names

Online marketing is only growing and becoming more important to earning new and repeat clients. Your website and domain (aka website address) are the faces of your online presence, so make sure that your company name works well online. Make sure there are relevant domain names available for purchase and few or no other companies in your industry with a similar business name. We recommend using a registrar like Red Hat Domains for their discounts and easy user interface.

Keep in mind...

Considering all these tips may make it seem like the perfect company name is impossible to pick. Our branding tips are suggestions only; don't make your business name exceedingly long in an attempt to follow all the branding rules. It is most important that you like your business name and that it provides a foundation from which you can build your company.

It is also worth noting that changing your business name is a difficult and tedious process. It may adversely affect your online ranking and can confuse your established clients. Finalize your name so that you don't have to deal with the issues that arise when changing your company name.  

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