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How to Build Strong Relationships With Your Clients

  • June 19, 2017
  • by ServeNow Staff
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Process serving is a competitive industry. Often, it takes more than being the best process server in the area to win over your potential clients, whether they be lawyers or private individuals. But small customer services tweaks can have a big effect on client intake and retention. And as we all know, more clients means more revenue. Superior customer service, alongside effective software and a strong online presence, will help promote your company and provide you with the tools for successful services.

Building good client relationships has the potential to increase referrals and future requests for service, not to mention the possibility of more five-star online reviews. And it's easier than you think! Here are six simple steps to leave a lasting impression on a new client or improve your existing professional relationships:

  • Set Clear Standards: Provide your clients with your expected turnaround time and standard products that come with your services. Informing your clients of the standards and procedure from first contact will greatly reduce the chances for miscommunication further down the line. It may be beneficial to create an email or include a page on your website that you can send to your new customers so they know what to expect.
  • Give Status Updates: Clients feel in control and more respected when you provide consistent and honest status updates regarding their papers. If this seems overwhelming or time-consuming, you can use software that automates status updates. This open line of communication will reduce frantic and urgent phone calls and emails. The industry has changed such that your customers are expecting transparency. Make this a selling point, don’t make them ask for it.
  • Improve Phone Communication: The majority of individuals and businesses hiring process servers want to speak to someone on the phone. Phone availability can be the lead factor in whether or not you receive consistent work. Answering the phones with your personal and business name creates a professional tone from the beginning of conversation. Being available when possible and returning all calls will set you apart from the competition.
  • Send Email Responses: Set up automatic email responses to inform clients of your business schedule and availability. Depending on your company’s structure, automatic responses can inform clients of typical response time, company hours, and other channels where they can get the information they need.
  • Look for Solutions: If you come across an unusual situation or difficult serve, research and propose a solution to your client. Providing a potential solution shows that you are qualified and capable of completing the service.
  • Use Mistakes to Build Trust: As we are only human, some mistakes are inevitable. However, to mitigate these mistakes, one should resist the urge to hide and stop responding to their client's phone calls and email. Rather, use this as an opportunity to build trust by proactively fixing the problem at hand. Understand the complaint and, within reason, attempt to solve the issue with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Using mistakes to build trust is one of the biggest indicators of excellent customer service as you are there for your clients when things go wrong.
  • Maintain Customer Service: Never lower your standards for customer service even when dealing with difficult clients. Maintaining your composure and offering the same level of service helps avoid negative reviews and maintains your company’s integrity.

Don't forget that every interaction counts and can make the difference between a positive and negative experience for your clients. Building a lasting, consistent reputation will positively impact your company for years to come. When your clients DO have a positive experience with your company, make it easy for them to complete a review on your online company profiles. Send a follow-up “thank you” email with links directly to your online profiles asking for a review, or learn and try other tactics. Online reviews validate your work to others looking for reputable process servers and can help your online ranking. Ensuring that clients, new and old, can find your company information increases your chance for referrals and greater exposure.

Clear communication and willingness to go the extra mile should be standards that your company is using for every client. Providing great customer service increases the chances of recurring service and referrals. Identify the factors that set your company apart and demonstrate why you should be hired. Now that you can offer your clients a higher standard of service, feel free to read more on how to get more clients and grow your business.

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