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How to Master Email Management & Etiquette

  • June 20, 2016
  • by ServeNow Staff
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While phone calls are still the preferred way to get in contact with a process server, email communication is becoming more and more common with the growing reliance of online communication. Since this form of communication is only growing, one should understand how to manage their email accounts and respond professionally. Here is our ‘how to’ guide to manage your emails and make your company responses stand out.


Use a reliable email provider

Sign up for an email provider that is known for their ease of use, updates, and integrations. Gmail is an excellent example of an email provider that is reliable and includes more tools for your business.

Manage your spam folder

You never want to miss an email from a client or new lead, so check your spam folder regularly for emails that may have been filtered by mistake.

Check all email accounts

If you have multiple email address, make sure that the accounts are checked regularly or forwarded to your main email account. This is extremely important if you ever choose to update your email address.

Include an email signature

Creating a brief but informative email signature allows the recipient to get your contact and company information. Make sure to include your company phone number and website so they are easily directed to the information they may need.

Create a domain-related email address

An email address that is linked to your company website demonstrates technological skills, professionalism, and is beneficial towards your branding efforts. If you own your domain, you can use "[email protected]" versus your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo address by setting up MX records.

Set up automatic responses

If you’re on vacation, in the field, or don’t respond to emails in the same day, set up automatic responses with any pertinent company information, expected response time, or other channels where they may reach you immediately.

Maintain a professional tone

Always address the individual in your email by their preferred name and avoid using industry jargon. Speak to your customer in a friendly but professional tone. You want to be approachable and knowledgeable in your response; mastering this balance will help improve your communication skills outside of emails as well.

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Make sure that there are no obvious mistakes in your emails as this can be a quick disqualifier for hiring you. Excellent spelling and grammar show that you are detail-oriented and professional: all aspects that the customer will want to see on their affidavit.

Provide all relevant information

Don’t make your client’s search or ask for information, you should provide all important information in your email responses and answer all your client’s questions.


The most important aspect of emails management and etiquette is to respond to all legitimate inquiries as soon as possible. Being diligent and responsive will prove to your clients that you are reliable and qualified to deliver their legal documents. 

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