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Become a Washington Process Server

Basic Information

No license, educational, or testing required to become a process server in the state of Washington, but in order to serve you will have to register with the county auditor. The cost is $10 dollars to register for a year. For the most official and current Rules of Civil Procedure, check out the Washington Courts website. You can also use the courts website to download the legal forms you will need as a process server.

For more information, check out the Washington State Process Servers Association.

Requirements to Become a Washington Process Server

In order to be a process server in the state of Washington, an individual must:

  • Be 18+ years old
  • Be a resident of the state of Washington
  • Register as a process server with the auditor of the county in which the individual resides or operates his or her process server business

The last two requirements do not apply if you are:

  • A sheriff, deputy sheriff, marshal, constable, or government employee who is acting in the course of employment
  • An attorney or attorney employee who are not serving process for a fee
  • Appointed by the court to serve process
  • A person who does not receive a fee or wage for serving process

County Information

Here are some of the most populous counties in Washington:

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Renewal Information

Process server registration must be renewed annually on the date of the initial registration. Renewal is also required if the registrant changes their name, the name of their business, their business address, or their business telephone number. In the event of an information change, the renewal must be done within ten days of the date the information changes. The $10 registration fee will be paid upon renewal.

NOTE: The requirements to become a process server change from time to time. You should contact your local county clerk or recorder to make sure the following information regarding becoming a process server in your state is still accurate.

Help us stay current. If you know of changes to legislation that affect process serving serving in your state, please let us know.

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