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Michigan Rules of Civil Procedure

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Michigan Process Server Requirements

Process in civil actions may be served by any legally competent adult who is not a party or an officer of a corporate party.

No service on ELECTION DAYS

Michigan Compiled Laws §600.1831

Michigan Rules of Civil Procedure Please note that lobbyists are active in the state of Michigan and laws concerning civil procedure and process serving can change. Therefore the information listed below may have been amended. For updated process serving legislation, please visit the Michigan Courts web site.

Rule 2.103 Process; Who may serve

Service Generally.

Process in civil actions may be served by any legally competent adult who is not a party or an officer of a corporate party.

Service Requiring Seizure of Property.

A writ of restitution or process requiring the seizure or attachment of property may only be served by

Service in a Governmental Institution.

If personal service of process is to be made on a person in a governmental institution, hospital, or home, service must be made by the person in charge of the institution or by someone designated by that person.

Process Requiring Arrest.

Process in civil proceedings requiring the arrest of a person may be served only by a sheriff, deputy sheriff, or police officer, or by a court officer appointed by the court for that purpose.

Rule 2.104 Process; Proof of service


Proof of service may be made by:

Failure to File.

Failure to file proof of service does not affect the validity of the service.

Publication, Posting, and Mailing.

If the manner of service used requires sending a copy of the summons and complaint by mail, the party requesting issuance of the summons is responsible for arranging the mailing and filing proof of service. Proof of publication, posting, and mailing under MCR 2.106 is governed by MCR 2.106(G).

Rule 2.105 Process; Manner of service


Process may be served on a resident or nonresident individual by,

Individuals; Substituted Service.

Service of process may be made

Case Notes:

Partnerships; Limited Partnerships.

Service of process on a partnership or limited partnership may be made by

Private Corporations, Domestic and Foreign.

Service of process on a domestic or foreign corporation may be made by

Partnership Associations; Unincorporated Voluntary Associations.

Service of process on a partnership association or an unincorporated voluntary association may be made by

Service on Insurer.

To the extent that it is permitted by statute, service on an insurer may be satisfied by providing two summonses and a copy of the complaint to the Commissioner of the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation via delivery or registered mail.

Public Corporations.

Service of process on a public, municipal, quasi-municipal, or governmental corporation, unincorporated board, or public body may be made by serving a summons and a copy of the complaint on:

Agent Authorized by Appointment or by Law.

Discretion of the Court.

Jurisdiction; Range of Service; Effect of Improper Service.

Registered and Certified Mail.

Rule 2.506 Subpoena.

Service of Subpoena and Order to Attend; Fees.


600.1831 Civil process; exemptions. [M.S.A. 27a.1831]

600.1835 Civil process; privileged persons. [M.S.A. 27a.1835]

600.1841 Civil process; service on Great Lakes or border waters. [M.S.A. 27a.1841]

Civil process which may be served by law anywhere in the state may be served upon any of the waters of the Great Lakes on border waters lying within the state. Any civil process which is required to be served within any county may also be served upon any of the waters of the Great Lakes or border waters which adjoin that county and are included in an extension of the boundary lines of that county to be boundary lines of the state. In any county where the boundary lines are not capable of extension because irregular, process issued from that county may be served on the waters of the Great lakes at any point within 10 miles of the shore line of that county.

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