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The Importance of Relevant Domain Names for Process Servers

When it comes to your online presence, selecting a relevant domain name to pair with your website is just as important as choosing a name to represent your business. It is a representation of your company, a key component of your web ranking strategy, and a unique way to reach potential clients. But selecting a name solely because it sounds catchy is not the way to go. It’s a decision that should made with a lot of consideration and be selected with strategy in mind. The following is information on the importance of relevant domain names and why it’s important to acquire both your business name and one that describes your business.

What is a domain name?

importance-of-a-relevant-domain-name-for-process-serversA domain name is the unique portion of a URL that ends in .com, .net, .org, or any other extension. For example, the URL for ServeNow is, so our domain name is For, the name is the same as the domain name, so while the URL is, the domain name is

Why do I need a relevant domain name?

For a few reasons. First, it easily conveys to potential clients and website visitors who your company is and what your company is about. Additionally, search engines will recognize the words within the domain and may rank your website in relevant searches. In short, the importance of having a relevant name is two-fold: it helps with branding your business and services and can influence your web rankings.

What should I select for my domain name?

There are two major domain names you will want to acquire: your business name and your location and service. So if your company name is Bill’s Process Service and you are located in San Diego, California, you’ll want to acquire both and, and maybe even something like caprocessservers. The second one,, is relevant because it describes your business by location.

Why do I need a relevant domain name?

It’s most important to acquire your business name, but you also need a relevant domain name for a few reasons. If you’re looking to expand your web presence, it's a great way to get started. Many of the benefits tie in with search results, as the domain can rank well with a little bit of marketing and content strategy. It’s an additional opportunity to capture type-in traffic.

What is type-in traffic? Type-in traffic is when a person, rather than going through a search engine like Google or Bing, will type in the location and type of service they are looking for directly into the search bar and add .com. For example, if a person is looking for a process server in San Diego, instead of searching “San Diego Process Server” in Google they may type “” into the search bar instead. The only way to capture that type-in traffic is to have a name that matches the keyword phrase.

Beyond type-in traffic, it can tie into a larger ranking goal and can help your website rank for search results for that phrase. Since many people search for services by location and service type, optimizing a website with a relevant domain is a great way to take advantage of that growing trend.

Having a relevant domain name is not the same as having a ranking strategy

One important thing to keep in mind is that simply having a domain name relevant to the keywords you want to rank for is not a ranking strategy. Your name should be paired with a website that has content also relevant to your keyword target, and you should market your website accordingly. A domain name alone is not enough to get your website ranking. If you have but your website does not have any content relevant to the phrase “san diego process server”, then it will likely not rank well in search results. Both your name and website content need to be catered to the search results you want to rank for.

As you move forward in further developing your online presence, remember the importance of having both brand name and relevant names. You can incorporate them into your existing marketing strategy and utilize them to help expand your business to reach a new group of potential client. Even if you don’t utilize them right away, these domains are an important asset to your company and you want to make sure your competitors don’t get to them first.

And remember, a relevant domain name is not a ranking strategy, but rather a component of a larger goal.

If you are interested in registering, acquiring, or leasing a domain name relevant to process service, contact by calling (877) 737-8366 to find out what steps to take.

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