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GAPPS Sues Georgia Sheriffs for Right to Serve Process


The Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers (GAPPS) has filed a complaint against the sheriffs of several counties across Georgia. While the complaint focuses on the seven largest counties in Georgia, the association hopes the result of the litigation will have lasting effects across the state. The association alleges that sheriffs across Georgia have prevented process servers from working within various counties.


The complaint states that 1) the sheriffs have conspired with 150 other Georgia counties and the Georgia Sheriffs Association to implement a blanket prohibition that denies all certified process servers the right to serve civil process within their jurisdictions, 2) the sheriffs have failed to publish or make known any additional requirements that must be satisfied in order to serve process.

GAPPS President Deb Duchon hopes that the litigation brought against the sheriffs will set precedence for other counties. “We couldn’t afford to go after 157 sheriffs. We’re hoping that if we win, then it will become statewide policy or the legislature will amend the law.”

GAPPS's Goals and Needs

“We need to raise about 200,000 dollars to fight this fight. This is a very powerful group of people and we had to get a powerful attorney which is not cheap. If we have to deposition these people it could be even more expensive.”

- GAPPS President Deb Duchon

Official Filed Complaint

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