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Cloud Computing: What is it, and how can it help with process service?

"Cloud computing" is paying dividends for companies looking to save money and time

You may have heard the term "cloud computing" and wondered what exactly it means. Cloud computing usually refers to a web-based application where the servers are managed by a third party, and there is no software or hardware needed by the end user. The result is a low-cost, no-maintenance way for companies of all sizes to manage their daily business. More well-known cloud computing software include Google Docs, and FreshBooks. If you use Gmail or Yahoo - your email is "in the cloud". If you are questioning whether a web-based application such as ServeManager is right for managing your service of process, the following benefits should motivate you to take a closer look at ServeManager.


Some people hesitate to use web-based applications because they worry about the safety of their digital data. In reality, most web-based applications are as safe or safer than software-based programs because of providers' efforts to protect data. ServeManager guards your data with sophisticated measures including:

  • Data encryption with technology similar to what banks use
  • Password protection
  • Frequent data backup
  • High-security server facility
  • Permission-based user accounts

In addition to offering free registration if you opt-in as a advertiser, ServeManager saves you money in several other ways. Because it's a web-based application, you don't have to purchase expensive hardware or software. You also won't spend time and money training staff how to use ServeManager. (See our past post about pricing).

Whether you're in your office, in another country or on the road with your smartphone, as long as you have Internet access you also have real-time ServeManager access. Your secure user name and password are all you need to log in, and the same goes for your clients.

In addition, the flexible combination of mobile GPS and cloud computing are critical if more states adopt GPS logging such as New York has to combat sewer service.

Don't have the money to employ information technology experts to manage your systems? That's okay. Because you don't have to invest in a technology infrastructure for ServeManager, you're free to direct your resources toward other core business needs. And when we make improvements or updates, they are immediately transferred to every process server or office employee with no action required on your part.

Whether you have two people or 100 in your company, you can can seamlessly create new accounts in seconds. No need to install the software, and then subsequently maintain it, on every machine.

To find out more about how ServeManager can streamline your service of process, call us at (800) 280-4400 or click here.

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