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Using Basic Face Reading and Body Language

Ruth Reynolds

Using Basic Face Reading and Body Language

Recorded on April 27, 2017 @ 3:00 p.m. MST with Ruth Reynolds

Ruth will discuss how this training has helped her both as a process serving and investigator while providing some tips to help you in the field and in everyday communications. Ruth Reynolds founded the first process serving company in North Carolina and is the Founder and President of the first state association for process servers (NCAPPS). Ruth has been a process serving instructor and speaker, and has served on the board of directors for the National Association of Professional Process Servers. She also served as president for NCAPI and was on the board for almost 10 years. Ruth is a licensed PI in North and South Carolina and is also a member of SCALI.

Ruth Reynolds is the owner and operator of Reynolds Professional Service, Inc and has been a licensed Private Investigator for over 20 years and a professional process server for more than 25 years. Last year she received her certification in Face Reading and Body Language - a two year program that has been invaluable in her career and personal life.

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Resources and Summary

According to statistics, only 7% of communication is expressed by the words we use. 38% is interpreted by tone of voice and the remaining 55% is influenced by body language. As a process server or private investigator, these numbers are important. To tell us why, Ruth Reynolds joined us on this live webinar. Ruth has been a private investigator and process server for over 25 years and explains that the ability to read the face and body has made her better at her job and has also impacted her ability to empathize with clients. Below are some of the highlights of her conversation with Trent Carlyle. Also be sure to check out the full video for more information.

Everything on your face tells your life story.

Face Reading and Body Language: The Basics

Body language is expression through the physical, like movement of hands or use of space, rather than using words. It can be as simple as gestures, a smile, or even how a person is standing. Face reading is the interpretation of the expressions and features of a person’s face. Whether we realize it or not, this is our first language, according to Ruth. Even if a person has mastered what they convey via body movements, their face will still reveal their true emotions and characteristics. Ruth says, “The face will not lie to you. What is there is there.” Knowing these methods of interpretation provides an extra level of communication and helps someone better understand the world around them.

If we’re going to stay in the game and we’re going to try and make a difference, we’re going to have to slow down and stop and look.

How can it be used in the profession?

Often times, the clients a process server or private investigator works with are going through rough experiences and are dealing with a lot of emotions. This can lead to misinformation, bias, and sometimes even danger if it’s unclear how someone will react. Ruth explains a time when she was serving a client who came to the door in a rage. She had been warned that he had a temper and could instantly tell by reading his face that he was very angry. But she could also tell that this wasn’t a complete picture. From simply observing his eyebrows and nose Ruth could tell he had a good heart and so approached him with calm respect. By reading his face she was able to gauge how she should react in order to best diffuse the situation. For this reason, face reading can be invaluable to your profession. It allows you to quickly evaluate the character of the people you interact with and instantly gives you a connection you can utilize. “A lot of it is in the eyes,” Ruth says. “Definitely in the eyes.” By the whites of someone’s eyes you can read anger, terror, or even whether someone is disconnected from the world around them.

How to read a face:

  • Gap between their front teeth = risk taker, gumpton
  • Small nose = hard, independent workers
  • Straight or angled forward = logical
  • Large nostrils = creativity
  • Healer cheeks = uplifting presence
  • Right side = personal side (compassion lines, stress, survival lines)
  • Left side = business side

Examples of Face Reading

Ruth also provides real life examples by analyzing the faces of some of our world leaders, including President Trump, Steve Bannon, Michelle Obama, and Vladimir Putin.

Trump Face Reading

The reason I picked the pictures of these folks is these are the players. These people are the people that are making decisions in our world now and we need to pay attention to their faces. When you see these folks on TV look at their face. It may make a big difference in how you think about things.

Face Reading and Body Language Resources:

More questions?

Ruth Reynolds
Reynolds Professional Services, Inc.
(704) 338-1775

What we all need is the ability to quickly and accurately assess and evaluate every person we meet on an individual basis rather than applying misguided stereotypes that create fear and division. - Mac Fulfer

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