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Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Recorded on May 25, 2017 with Kelsey Johnson

It’s important for all businesses, small, medium, and large, to have a business page on Facebook. If you don’t, you run the risk of someone else creating a page for you and speaking on your behalf. In this webinar, online marketing consultant Kelsey Johnson will walk through the steps of setting up a Facebook page for a business and establish a couple of best practices with managing the page. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Kelsey Johnson is the Local Search Optimization specialist and marketing manager for ServeNow, PInow, and manages other brands at Lawgical. She consults process servers and private investigators on marketing their businesses online, manages in-house social media accounts, and oversees the marketing team.

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This webinar was presented as a part of the ServeNowEDU Webinar series. To watch other previously recorded webinars and to register for upcoming webinars, visit ServeNowEDU.


Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page from ServeNowEDU

Resources and Summary

Why create a Facebook page?

Increased Visibility:

  • There are 1.23 billion users on Facebook.
  • Users spend an average of 50 minutes on Facebook EACH DAY.

Validates Your Business:

  • Look professional in the eyes of the customer, especially if you update your page regularly.


  • People feel comfortable leaving reviews on Facebook.
  • It’s easy for you, the business owner, to interact with happy and unhappy clients alike. Send them a direct message.
  • Your Facebook reviews are show up in Google search results.

Search Results:

  • If you Google a specific company, their website comes up first, but their Facebook page might appear second or third (with reviews showing!)

Business Information:

  • When someone lands on your business’s Facebook page, they can easily access your hours, phone number, reviews, and services.

SEO Value:

  • Google considers a link to your website from Facebook valuable and could rank your business higher in search results.

Getting started with Facebook

Create personal profile, if you don’t already have one. Go to and fill in your name, email, age, and gender. Upload an image you like for your profile picture.

Create business page by clicking on “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business.”

  • Choose “Local Business or Place.”
  • Fill in business name, phone number, and address. Make sure it’s consistent with your website, Google business listing, and other places your business appears online.

Welcome to your new page!

The first few steps you need to get started with your site.

  • Like your page (you should be the biggest fan of your own business).
  • Add a cover photo. This should be a large, horizontally oriented image that isn’t distracting and relates to your business in some way. This could be a photo of your city or local landmark, a picture of your business front, or alternate logo you have created.
  • Add a profile picture. This is a square version of your logo that’s recognizable but not too wordy. Think the Nike swoosh.
  • Add a description. This should explain exactly what you do as a business and be interesting and informative for your potential clients.
  • Set up your call-to-action. Mostly it’s best to use your phone number but you can link back to your website if that’s where you want your clients to go.
  • Create page username. Make it simple and easy to remember. You may have to wait for a few weeks before Facebook will let you create a username.

Next, head to the “About” section:

  • Click “Edit Page Info.”
  • Add website URL, hours, and a full description of your business.

In the “Services” section:

  • Create each of your services, add a thorough description, put prices if you want, and always add an image (Facebook is a very visual platform).

Manage notifications:

  • Manage pages > click on page > settings (look through settings) > notifications
  • Manage pages > click on page > settings > page roles

What to post:

  • Post engaging and relevant content, not just about your business but news and updates about the industry as a whole (private investigations, process service, legal, etc.)
  • Talk about community service, local clubs, and local activities that you are taking a part in.
  • People/clients engage with pictures more than text. Post pictures of your city or activities that your business is taking part in.
  • Post your original content, slides, presentations, etc.

What not to do:

  • Remember that anyone can see what you write and things are saved on the internet even when you delete them. Don’t be inappropriate.
  • Don’t respond to reviews negatively. Even if the person is attempting to provoke you, maintain the higher ground. You will look more professional and other clients or potential clients will respect your response.
  • Don’t ignore your Facebook page. Try to visit your page at least once a month and set up notifications to let you know when people leave reviews and send you messages.
  • Don’t lose your password! It’s very difficult to gain access to a page once you lose it.

Facebook Advertising

Targeted Audience:

  • Because Facebook has so much information about the people using it, the audience can be microtargeted for location, demographics, interests, jobs, and more!
  • In-depth insights: actions on page, page likes, clicks to call, clicks to your website.

Can be Complicated:

  • There is so much opportunity, but because of that, there is a lot of work to be done to create a good ad that will target the right people.
  • Pay per click - can add up. Make sure you’re tracking the return on your investment.

Do Your Research:

  • You can gain a lot of visibility if you run a good Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Make sure you have interesting and relevant content, images, videos, and offers.

Hire a Consultant:

  • Always a good plan when dealing with something this complicated.
  • Ask for metrics and pricing so you can properly calculate your return on the investment.

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