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Add Services to Increase Revenue

  • August 27, 2018
  • by ServeNow Staff
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Want to increase your revenue and broaden your expertise and skill set? Serving legal documents is an essential and important step of the legal process, but legal support services certainly don’t stop there. Process servers can increase their revenue and gain more clients by simply expanding their services.

Many process serving firms offer more services than just serving legal documents. Think about expanding your services to keep a competitive edge in your industry!

Increase Revenue for Process Servers

Potential New Services

Skip Tracing

When the person you're trying to serve can't be found, you will have to end the process there and hand papers back to your client. Consider instead offering skip tracing, the process of finding someone's address and location through investigative means. In doing this, you can provide more value to your client, offer another revenue-providing service, and complete the serve!

Process serving companies that offer skip tracing are highly regarded and often considered a second time if service is needed. Being able to serve evasive, hard to find individuals will help bolster your process serving business and allow you to compete with all other process servers.

Interested in getting started? Read our Skip Tracing Basics and Advanced Tips!

Court Research

A court researcher is someone who goes through court archives in order to find relevant records and precedent rulings relevant for a case. Both lawyers and judges use this research to find court records for previous cases that are relevant to the case they are working on.

Offering court research makes you an invaluable asset to legal professionals and can increase your chances to be hired as a process server by a lawyer or judge since you can perform a variety of tasks. Hiring a well-rounded legal support professional means less work and effort for judges and lawyers. Make sure that you offer the services that they are looking for!

Court Filing / eFiling

A vital part of the legal system is filing documents in the court and, if you don’t provide that service, you’re missing out on easy work. Make yourself available for court filing and eFiling so that your clients can bundle it with process serving without the effort of finding another company!

Filing the appropriate paperwork is essential; courts will not accept motions until the paperwork is complete and filed in a certain timeframe. eFiling is becoming even more important as courts are moving to online systems. Understanding these systems and processes enhances your company’s role in the legal process.

Mobile Notary

Add notary public to your list of services and qualifications to gain more clients. You’ll be able to certify and authorize legal documents by becoming a notary public. Since serving process is a mobile business already, choose to offer mobile notary services! Doing so will increase your chances of being hired since you provide a convenient and easy process for your customer.


Photocopying documents and scanning them into a computer for digital use is a valuable resource as more and more information is becoming available digitally, although some point out that the legal field will never be paperless. Photocopying and archiving can involve digital uploads to either an online platform or server or onto a drive or storage disc until future need.

Legal photocopying, or copying of a large amount of documents and creating a system to organize and locate them, is a valuable resource for law firms. This service will attract law firms to your company, but it is labor-intensive so be sure that your company has the resources to correctly utilize and carry-out this assignment.

Private Investigations

While investigations are intensive and require more training, becoming a private investigator is a great way to expand your business. An easy way to start is with surveillance and background checks. The reasons to need surveillance and background checks are broad, therefore you open your business to many clients by offering these services. Learn some basics about surveillance and background checks to see if this would be a worthwhile asset for your company.

If you do decide that private investigation is a field that you’re interested in, make sure that you’re properly registered and licensed in your state and that you follow your state’s laws regarding investigations.

Earn additional work

If you expand your services and provide a broad range of legal support services, your clients won’t need to look beyond your company for help. Don’t lose the customers you earned by serving papers by not offering the other common services that they need - expand your services!

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