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Best ServeNow Articles of 2018

  • January 28, 2019
  • by ServeNow Staff
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Best ServeNow Articles of 2018


From process server safety to the best server transportation, don’t leave 2018 without appreciating what you learned during the year. Take a look at the top 5 process server articles that ServeNow published last year and stay tuned for even more process server content in 2019.

Body Cameras for Process Servers

Process serving can sometimes be a dangerous profession full of uncertainty. One precaution servers can take is the use of body cameras to document successful serves and provide evidence of altercations. Check out this article for the pros and cons of body cameras for process servers.

Read Body Cameras for Process Servers.

Disaster Preparedness for Process Servers

From fires and floods to hurricanes and blizzards, sometimes the elements can get in the way of normal business operations. Be prepared for whatever the environment throws at you by planning ahead and anticipating the worst. This article outlines some issues that stem from natural disasters and how you can handle them.

Read Disaster Preparedness for Process Servers.

How Process Servers Use Public Transportation to Maximize Time & Money

For process servers who serve in large cities, transportation can be a challenge. From traffic to finding parking, dealing with a personal vehicle often comes with obstacles that cost process servers time and money. Luckily, public transportation addresses these issues. This article reviews the most effective ways to take advantage of public transportation.

Read How Process Servers Use Public Transportation to Maximize Time & Money.

The Best Cars for Process Servers

Process servers inevitably spend a lot of time in their cars. Between serving papers and visits to courthouses, a reliable vehicle is essential to efficient service of process. This article lists some things process servers should take into consideration when investing in a vehicle to be used for serving purposes.

Read The Best Cars for Process Servers.

Erin's List: Process Server Safety Tool

Serving legal documents can sometimes lead to dangerous situations so personal safety should be on the mind of all process servers. Erin's List database is a collaborative effort to increase process server safety. ServeManager partnered with Erin's List to make safety a priority. Learn more about Erin’s List and the partnership in this article.

Read Erin's List: Process Server Safety Tool.

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