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Addressing Your Most Important Asset

Editor's note: This article was written by Niki McKinnell for Delvepoint, a skip tracing data provider. The opinions expressed here belong to Niki McKinnell.

Finding your subject, regardless of whether it’s at home, at work, or even with a relative – that’s your most important asset. Sometimes it’s as easy as serving the address listed on the papers, but sometimes the search takes a little more digging.

Surprisingly, less can be more when it comes to searching for the right address. Here are some tips on how to master your skip tracing searches, even the ones that are a little outside-the-box:

Person Searches/Reports

These general searches range from basic contact info to full comprehensive reports. Names of relatives may also be included, which could be beneficial for hard-to-find subjects. It’s a good place to start if you want a general overview all in one place.

PRO TIP: This search is pretty easy to run, just put in their social security number OR first name, last name, and location for best results. However, the key to this is being able to save the search so you don’t have to run it again. See if your data provider has the ability to save searches so you aren’t charged for duplicates.

People at Work

If you can’t get to your subject at home, the next best place is at work.

PRO TIP: This is a search where less is more. First name, last name, city, and state will give you far more results than putting in an SSN or DOB. Why? A lot of POE sources, such as social media sites or email signatures, don’t include such data and you could miss out on some important listings.

Utilities Search

Still can’t make contact? Time to get creative, but the solution is obvious. When someone moves, the first thing they do is turn on the power and get their internet up and running. A "Utilities Search" is going to allow you to single in on the best address…fast.

PRO TIP: Use a Utilities Search to access data from gas, electric, and water companies; cable, internet, and wireless providers; and phone carriers. The best way to run this search is by SSN, but a good fall back is the first name, last name, and date of birth.

NEW Commonality Report: Coming soon! This report will show relationships between your subjects and other individuals. Follow Delvepoint on social media for the upcoming details.

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Delvepoint logoArticle by Niki McKinnell for Delvepoint. Delvepoint is a skip tracing data provider featuring hundreds of billions of records from over ten thousand sources, including all three credit bureaus. Find out more at or by calling (866) 945-1667.

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