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Virtual Events for Process Servers

Virtual Events for Process Servers

In years past, process servers from around the country would convene for trade shows and business meetings to learn about new technology, ideas, and legislation, network with people in the industry, and attempt to gain new business. These events have proven their worth year after year, which is why hundreds flock to them. With 2020 bringing COVID-19, many event hosts are putting on virtual events to protect people from the virus and no doubt eliminate liability concerns that would go along with hosting an in-person event. Keep reading to learn why you should consider attending one of the many virtual events coming up!

Benefits of virtual events for process servers

Virtual events are an excellent opportunity to engage with the process serving community amid COVID-19 restrictions and there are a number of added benefits associated with attending a virtual event.

Low/no-cost events

Get all of the benefits of attending an event without having to open up your wallet! Virtual events don’t require the expense of travel, lodging, dining, and more that are often required when attending out of town business meetings and trade shows.

Process servers can attend on the go

Another benefit is that process servers can attend virtual events from anywhere. If they’re on the road, they can take a moment to pull over or stop in a cafe to catch the event. Process servers can attend these events and get much of the same knowledge without much interruption to their typical workday.

Attend multiple events in the same day

Many in-person events or conferences are held all over the country which makes it complicated or impossible to attend multiple events in the same day. With virtual events, process servers could attend different events in the same day when they otherwise would have had to choose one over the other.

Upcoming process server events

Here are some of the upcoming process server events that you can attend virtually.

Texas Process Server Association Annual Members’ Meeting

October 10, 2020
This virtual meeting for members of the Texas Process Server Association (TPSA) will be held via Zoom. More details are available to members on the TPSA website.


CALSPro Virtual 52nd Conference and Annual Business Meeting

October 12, 2020
More details for the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) Annual Business Meeting can be found on the CALSPro website.


Process Servers Association of Colorado Process Servers Certification Course

October 17-18, 2020
This certification course from PSACO will be available both in-person and online for those who cannot make it or are outside of the Denver Metro area. Learn more about this course here.


TPSA Continuing Education Webinar

October 17, 2020
This event provides the 8-hour continuing education credits needed in Texas for process server certification renewal. The focus of this event includes topics on the judicial process, process server safety including de-escalation techniques, and more. The online webinar requires a $75 registration fee to be paid in full at the time of registration. Learn more on the event website.


10th Annual Virtual MAAPPS Conference

November 4, 2020
The Mid Atlantic Association of Professional Process Servers (MAPPS) website provides information about the event on their home page as well as on their event list. In order to better serve their members, they are also circulating a questionnaire to cater the event to the participants.


2020 Oregon Association Of Process Servers Annual Meeting

November 7, 2020
The Oregon Association Of Process Servers (OAPS) will hold its annual conferences via Zoom this year. All members are encouraged to attend.


Upcoming legal services virtual events

National Creditors Bar Association Virtual Experience

October 21 - 22, 2020
The online companion to the National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) Executive Experience, the NCBA Virtual Experience gives industry updates and other relevant information. The Thursday events feature “COVID - Shut Down, Restart and Potential Deluge from a Vendor and Vendor Manager Perspective,” which is sponsored by ProVest, and may be beneficial to process servers. Find out more by visiting the NCBA Virtual Experience event page.

NASP “Roaring Subro” Subrogation Conference

November 16 -17, 2020
This industry-related conference from the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) provides an opportunity for process servers to learn more about their clients’ work and how they can help. Learn more about this conference in their registration brochure.

Make the most out of remote

While remote events or virtual events for process servers are not ideal for many, they offer unique value in circumstances that would otherwise limit the potential for process servers to engage with their peers, learn, and grow.

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