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How Process Servers Can Find New Clients

  • April 15, 2021
  • by Stephanie Irvine
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How Process Servers Can Find New Clients

Whether a server is just starting out or looking to ramp up new business, finding work as a process server can be a daunting task. Where does a process server begin? The good news is that there are always options when it comes to finding new work. Here, we provide information on the types of clients that typically turn to process servers as well as the best tactics process servers can use to find jobs.

Who are process servers’ clients?

First, a process server needs to figure out what type of work they would like to procure. For process servers, the bulk of their work will come from law firms, insurance agencies, and collection agencies. Some servers also do well getting work through larger process serving agencies. Finally, process servers can also do work for individuals, better known as pro se clients. These are typically the most common sources for clients of a process server.

Direct sales

The best way to gain new clients is to make a sales call — in person — to meet with prospective clients. Whether it is a law firm or a collections agency, getting in touch and establishing a rapport with the decision-maker is an important avenue. And, unlike emails and phone calls, they can’t put a process server in the trash or ignore their call. Meeting in-person will at least require some form of acknowledgment. While it may take several visits before a process server can get a contract or even a meeting with the right person, it is well worth the effort. Often, this extra effort to meet in person is well received and speaks highly of a server’s work ethic. Plus, it allows the client to evaluate whether they like the server and want to work with them.

Directory listing

There are a number of beneficial ways that process servers can advertise their business. But, for the most part, it’s not as simple as putting an ad in the yellow pages. Most servers prefer to get their clients through another business (law firm, agency, etc.). With that said, process servers can advertise their services in directories like ServeNow or in the directories of related industry associations.

If you use ServeManager, you can also opt into the ServeManager Directory. It will provide you an opportunity to get more work from fellow process servers and major process serving firms. Last month, over 35,000 jobs were forwarded from one user to another. It's free with your ServeManager subscription and only takes a few minutes to setup. 

Being listed in process serving directories will provide very beneficial advertising when potential clients are searching for a process server, and it will provide the opportunity to collaborate with fellow process servers. Also, most directories require a certain level of experience before process servers are eligible to get listed — so being part of a directory reflects that a server is a trusted professional.


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Association membership

Being a part of a state or other professional association or organization, such as NAPPS, can also go a long way in getting new clients. First, it helps speak to the validity of a company (that they aren’t a fly-by-night operation), but secondly, there are opportunities to work for and with other process servers and get to know people in the industry.


Industry-related trade shows or conferences present a huge opportunity for process servers to meet with new clients, bring about more business from existing clients, and get their name out there. Process servers who are exhibiting will have to pay to exhibit, but it is worth the exposure. Additionally, conferences often provide exhibitors with a list of attendees and exhibitors, so a savvy process server will scour the list for prospective clients and make an attempt to connect with them.

Direct marketing

Process servers should have a marketing strategy for finding new clients. One way to gain new clients is to directly market to your target audience. This will require a list, which can easily be curated after attending a conference. Keeping track of prospective clients and when contact was last made is important so that the prospect is not unnecessarily bothered or forgotten about. Direct marketing can be done with personal emails, eblasts (although these often go to spam or get immediately deleted), and even print mail pieces. Direct marketing is a great way to get new clients. Not sure what to write when sending an email? Check out this article that highlights what process servers should include when sending an introductory letter to a prospective client.


Referrals are the most valuable thing a process server can do to get clients but they’re also often the easiest to forget. Once a sale is made, many are thinking about the client in front of them and forget to ask if there is anyone else who could use their services. Keep in mind, this might be something that would take a while to get from a client (they may want to use a server for a while to see how they like them before referring them to others in the industry), but remembering to ask is the biggest obstacle.

Working for larger servers

One way that process servers can gain experience and additional work is by working as a contractor for larger process serving companies. Often, these companies will advertise on their website when they are looking for additional work. For example, at the time of this publication, Firefly Legal has several job postings for process servers in different areas of Illinois.

Happy hunting!

Finding new clients can be both stressful and exciting, but with a little direction and hard work, any small business owner can do it.

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