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10 Customer Service Practices That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More

Process serving is very different from other professions in many ways, except for one: customer service. Each of your clients deserves it, and there are ways that you can easily and quickly improve this part of your business.


1. Evaluate Your Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

How does your TAT compare to your competition? Is there a way you can decrease your TAT? We all know that there is no shortage of clients who wait until the last minute to contact a process server. Process servers who advertise eleventh-hour services can not only serve those clients in dire straits better but can create a specialized niche in the field that caters to those unique clients like no one else.

2. Evaluate the Range of Your Business

To develop repeat clientele, it is important to offer the services they want. Consider widening your business into the areas of skip tracing and locates, for example. By offering a wide variety of services beyond simple service, your past clients will be able to make you a one-stop shop for all of their legal needs.

3. Are Your Employees “People” People?

Remember that process serving is a business that is involved with people during, or right at the inception of, some of the most difficult times in their lives. By hiring staff members who enjoy working with others and who have exceptional people skills, you will ensure that your clients feel welcome and trust you and your business.

4. Preparedness

Providing training sessions to help your staff with difficult clients and situations will provide a safe environment for both them and your clients.

5. Ask Your Clients for Feedback

Making your clients’ opinions important to you shows that you care about their experience with your company, and adds a personal touch to your service that clients remember and which will make them repeat clients.

6. Act on It

Acting on their feedback demonstrates that you take them seriously and are dedicated to making their experience with you the best one possible.

7. Surprise Them—In a Good Way

Surprising your clients with an unexpected welcome or thank-you note, or offering a referral bonus for them, is a sure way to make your clients feel appreciated. For your existing repeat customers, bringing in coffee or bakery items occasionally keeps you fresh in their minds and is also a great networking strategy.

8. Be “In” as Much as You Can

Running your own business is demanding, but being around the office or otherwise readily and easily accessible as much as possible gives a positive impression to employees and clients, who feel you are there when they need you.

9. Two Solutions

When confronted with a client issue, keep in mind there are two solutions. One, to immediately remedy whatever is at hand to make the customer happy immediately, and two, to explore the cause of the problem and find a solution so that it does not happen again.

10. Don’t Get Defensive

When a client comes to you with a concern, which undoubtedly they will, don’t play defense. Listen to their issue and practice these words: “I’m sorry. Let me make sure it never happens again.”

With a few simple customer service tips, you can transform your business into one that clients can’t wait to talk about or use again.

Gloria Koss is a staff writer for

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