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7 Best Business Practices for Process Servers

Being an effective process server is about more than just handling the summons. It’s important to have good business practices as well. Here are some tips to help process servers run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.

Be Professional

The job of a process server is a crucial step in the legal process. People who employ process servers are counting on them to do the job quickly and efficiently. Process servers who are sloppy or make mistakes can be costly and embarrassing to their clients. Therefore, it is important for process servers to act professionally and competently at all times, as a reflection of the seriousness with which they take their responsibilities.

Be Responsive

Everyone values responsiveness. This is especially true of people in the legal profession who are likely to employ process servers. Attorneys, like most people, are working on a deadline, and they do not like to be kept waiting. Process servers should return all calls and e-mails as soon as possible.

Have Good E-mail Etiquette

Along with responding to e-mails as soon as possible, process servers should make sure to use proper grammar in their e-mails. People who use process servers have often attained high levels of education and operate with a great deal of professionalism, and they expect the same from those they employ. Use spell-check and re-read your e-mails to make sure their meaning is clear.

Make sure someone is there to answer the phone at all times. This could be a receptionist or other office worker, but make sure the person is polite, professional, and good at taking notes. People generally prefer to talk to a person rather than a machine, especially if they are calling to inquire about the services of someone such as a process server. If a competent person answers the phone, potential clients are more likely to feel that their business is important to you and your business.

Maintain Good Organizational Practices

Process servers must maintain accurate records, and doing so requires a foolproof organizational process. Make sure you can find files that you need, as soon as you need them. Keep an accurate and updated calendar of any appointments you may have. An effective process server must be meticulous, and that attention to detail should be obvious in all of your business dealings or operations.

Use Business Cards and Letterhead

Process servers should have their own business cards and letterhead. Correspondence written on letterhead automatically lends professionalism to the sender and the content. Business cards are virtually free advertising, and process servers never know when they might meet a potential client with whom they can exchange cards.

Mind Your Manners

There’s a reason Mom always told you to say “please,” “thank you,” “ma’am” and “sir.” These words show that you respect the person with whom you are communicating, but they also tend to engender respect and warm feelings in return. Process servers should always take the time to say “thank you.” They are just two words, but they can go a long way.

If you practice these things every day, it will inspire confidence from your clients and in-turn create repeat business and potential referrals.


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