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4 Free Tools to Run Your Process Serving Business

Running a business can be stressful and expensive. Luckily, there are free online software applications that can help you run your office more efficiently. With these tools, communicate better within your company, offer more services to your clients and create a more professional appearance. While there are many software applications online, we decided to highlight our favorites.

1. Google Docs

Have you ever gone home for the night and needed a file that was on your computer at work? With Google Docs, that headache is eradicated. By storing all your data online, you can access your files in Google docs from any computer. Google Docs gives you the opportunity to create a regular word document, a spreadsheet, a presentation or a form. Think of it as the online equivalent to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The other useful thing about Google Docs? You can share your files with anyone. You can invite other people to simply look at your document, or you can allow them to also make changes. Share memos, update spreadsheets and stay in the loop wherever you may be.

2. Google Calendars

In this industry, the most important thing is making sure papers are served on time. The easiest way to keep track of that is with a Google Calendar. Set up multiple calendars on one screen and select which calendars to view at any given time. Like Google Docs, Google allows you to share your calendars with other people. You can also invite people to certain events. How does this help you? Set up a calendar for just employees with business events, such as meetings. Set up a separate calendar for deadlines for your servers. Set email reminders when pressing deadlines are approaching.

3. FreshBooks

Keeping track of your billing is made simple with this online application. A “freemium” service, FreshBooks allows you to try it out for free with a minimal number of clients. There is a monthly fee for any substantial volume, but by trying it free you know what to expect. With FreshBooks, clients can view and pay invoices online, set up automatic payments from their credit cards and receive automatic late payment reminders. FreshBooks also helps you track the time your employees work, stay on budget and be reminded of deadlines. In addition, FreshBooks helps you look like a professional – from being able to brand invoices with your company logo to offering services such as paying invoices online. Manage your company’s finances with ease.

4. AVG Free

Anyone with a computer knows how important it is to make sure it is protected from viruses. One wrong click can install harmful viruses and bugs to your hard drive. A simple way to prevent this (besides not opening attachments sent from people you don’t know) is having antivirus software on your computer. As hackers are getting more sneaky and savvy, virus protection is essential. While it is a good idea to invest the money in antivirus software for each work computer, in the meantime you can download a free antivirus software from AVG. This protects your computer from trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, and adware. Protect your computer to prevent costly repairs later.

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